Are you ready!? The 14th Annual Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival runs from January 8th - 18th 2015!


Here's some important stuff you're probably looking for - 

Who's playing and when? Check out the schedule here!

How do I buy tickets? You can order online here or call 773.327.5252

And for those of you that are performing in the festival - if you're looking for your tech time, that can be found here

We're super excited to get this all started and laugh once again with all you amazing people! See you in January!!




We can't say it enough. Thank you so much to the festival goers, the talented performers, amazing staff, generous sponsors, fans, friends, families and comedy community as a whole. There's a reason we've been doing this for 13 years while continuing to grow each and every year and that reason is all of you. 

From the bottom of our farts - Thanks and we'll see you in 2015 (8th - 18th)! 


This is it! Find a show and get in it!

You guys have made this year the best ever, albeit our self-proclaimed unluckiest, with tons of amazing shows and wonderful performers. And keeping with that tradition, here are the last four shows closing out this Sunday and this year's festival at 8pm;

Dog Dads

Awkward Stage


(long pause)



Two hours and 16 shows to go!

There's still plenty o' comedy before we go back to our silly little lives tomorrow. Our four 7pm shows are guaranteed to make you forget about your office for at least 40 minutes. 

Former Roommate


Damn It, Janet

A Twerk in Progress



It's six! OMG SIX! That means we have a bunch of great shows!

Luthier von Heidelburg / Making an Ass of U&Me


Residential Evil

Minority Rules!


If these shows knew kung-fu

They'd all be black belts and we'd all be in danger. But they don't. They know comedy. (We're still slightly in danger.)

Mandy presents: Oh Shit! / The Meaty Bits of Jimmy Shay

Wig Bullies

Church of the Saturday Saints

Shanna's Mom