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After Taste     Year #2
All Filler
The Almond Co.
Anton Chekov's Bastard Child
The Backrow
Big Kids Comedy Hour
Chemically Imbalanced Comedy
The Class Project
The Cupid Players
Dolphins of Damnation
Eclectic Muse
Flaming Box of Stuff
Four Letter Productions
Free Pudding
Galileo Players
Giants in the Sky
Head Cheese Fat Boss
Hoskins and Breen
Johann & Svet
Level 4 Productions
Liquid Sketchbook
Louisville Fluffers
Madam Funnypants
The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth
The Midwesterners
Monsters Form The Id
The Mumbling Prophets
Off The Radar
Old Man McGinty
Maximum Party Zone
Red Neck Surfers
Short Bus Scholars
Some Assembly Required
Some Kind Of Cult
Stir-Friday Night!
Strickly Sketch
Super Punk
Suspicious Clowns
Tales From Waterloo
The Third Floor
True Pilsner
Twist The Knife
Your Mom