(long pause) (Image) (long pause) combine video and filmed live stage pieces to create a series of online sketch comedy episodes. This performance presents some of the best live and video scenes from the nearly 6 hours of material at longpausecomedy.com. Nina Metz of the Chicago Tribune recently said of the group "Chicago audiences expect real acting from their sketch shows, not broad, hammy performances, and this is where (long pause) often excels."

4 Days Late (Image) 4 Days Late satirizes without caricatures and eviscerates American pop culture without mercy. Fueled by the dynamic ensemble, 4DL creates genre defying, original work that implicates the audience as well as themselves. A crass and intelligent (and privileged) group, their song and dance show will make you cry.

A Twerk in Progress (Image) Written by eight graduates of the Second City Training Center's Writing Program, and starring six up and coming Chicago actors, A Twerk in Progress will make you laugh and cry...well probably just laugh. A sketch show that tackles the important questions in life like, "What happens to our humanity as we increasingly live our lives online?" and "What am I going to be for Halloween this year?" it's not to be missed.

Abbaria (Image) We are a band. We do songs. They are funny.

Accidental Canadians (Image) If "It's a Small World" had a baby with "Glee that would be one diverse baby (and a medical miracle). It would also resemble the cast of Accidental Canadians, a sketch group born out of The Second City's Conservatory. Shed your expectations at the door, along with your (metaphorical) pants, as we make sweet, sweet love...to your mind.

Almost A Genius (Image) Maria Wojciechowski suffers from anxiety, insomnia, and bipolar disorder. So she did what any crazy person would do, she wrote a comedy show about. Maria invites you to waltz through her troubled mind as she journeys toward stability through storytelling, music, dance, and a colorful cast of characters.

Arch and Andel (Image) Showcase: The Showcase. Come watch us get famous. Sit in the audience as people watch their dreams come true or get crushed 5 minutes at a time. This is the most important night of Chicago's life.

Assemblers 2 (Image) In a post-Avengers world, the superhero craze just keeps getting stronger. So, the creators of The pH Comedy Theater?s hit show, The Assemblers, have once again heeded the call to give the citizens of Chicago an all new original super-satire of the comic book genre. Like all sequels, we?ve taken it up a notch, getting to every side of your geek with the magical addition of the wide and wonderful world of fantasy. Superheros! Hobbits! I mean, come on!

Astronaut Theatre (Image) We are Astronaut Theatre. We perform the funniest Goddamned Earth-based sketch comedy in Chicago and NYC. We pride ourselves on finding new, different and oftentimes bizarre angles through which to look at the world, each other, and of course, you, the audience. We promise, it?s funny, if you don?t think so, we?ll buy you one of the cheaper beers.

Awkward Silence (Image) Awkward Silence is an 8 year old sketch group, which means emotionally we are more independent from parents and family. We are more private, so we may want to shower with the door closed. To celebrate this birthday, we invite you to join us for our 8th time at Chicago's Sketch Comedy Festival. We promise to be funnier, cuter, and far more inappropriate than most eight year-olds you know.

Barry Hite & Friends: Cavalcade of Shiteheads (Image) Barry Hite answers the questions on everyone's mind. Questions like, "Can something be dark, stupid and sexy at the same time?" and "Why's there more than 1 person in a one man show?" Directed by Matt Hovde

Big Boss Comedy (Image) Based out of Los Angeles, Big Boss Comedy was formed in 2009 by a group if eight sketch comedians, all in the process of going through the Groundlings training program. Five years later, Big Boss members are all Groundlings Theater company members or company alumni and continue to perform their unique brand of live sketch comedy regularly in theaters all around Southern California.

Bleep That Bleep (Image) Aasia and Dewayne are impoverished recent college graduates studying comedy at Second City looking to cash in on white guilt. Together they are "Bleep that Bleep" offending people all over the country...and SOON THE WORLDDDDDDD! They present to you "Uncle Tom and Jerry Curl: A Black History Experience, watch as these Black Panther rejects take you on an BYOS (bring your own slave) inaccurate journey through Black History's most important events.

BLESSED a solo performance (Image) Ryan is DEAD, dead as a door nail, and some how, by the grace of something-or-other, she got into HEAVEN! Mistake or not she is there to stay! On the way she is forced to work, mingle, date,and befriend all of heavens inhabitants. Hopefully she can blend in, so that no one realizes she isn't where she is supposed to be!

Blood Oath (Image) A fearless band of brothers have taken a blood oath in the name of comedy. Disgusting, immature, and completely reckless comedy. Come be a part of the debauchery and leave feeling dirty, and a little enlightened. "We took a blood oath to be here."

Boat (Image) Boat is Amos Vernon, Nunzio Randazzo, and Mike Lane, a sketch comedy trio based out of Brooklyn, NY. For the past three years they've brought their sharp, satirical, and often surreal brand of sketch comedy to colleges and festivals across the United States, as well as venues throughout New York City including their home theater, the Upright Citizens Brigade. Boat is also an official channel partner for Lorne Michaels’ Above Average Network where they are currently developing original content.

Brick Penguin (Image) Brick Penguin is a tough-love sketch comedy group from Washington, DC. On stage, the penguins artfully navigate the terrain of the human psyche as it pursues life, love and a meaningful existence. After the show, you can find them making uncomfortable small talk and avoiding eye contact.

Butch LaRue (Image) Butch LaRue is like a refreshing shot of Jameson. It makes your night fun and memorable, but shoot too much of it, and you?ll wake up next to a dirty spinster with camel toe. Chicago Theater Beat calls the "caustic and biting wit of Butch LaRue... fresh, funny, and a bawdy good time!" See the show described by ExpressMilwaukee.com as "a slightly more literate SNL.?

Cake Batter (Image) Cake Batter is Lauren Frost, Angela Rysk, and Erin Miller Williams. Together they are figuring out adulthood through comedy. While their peers are getting married and having babies, they?re coming up with bits...because who needs a mortgage when you have an award winning sketch show?

Cake-n-Hatred (Image) Cake-n-Hatred has baked up an new assortment of sketches. This team shows that sometimes life's sweetest moments have a bitter aftertaste. Check out www.cakenhatred.com for more info and videos!

Carl's Backyard (Image) Carl’s Backyard is a group of three best friends who met doing musical theatre. They dropped the musical part, then the theatre part, and now they do sketch. They are three very different people who write very different scenes for the same show.

Caronato (Image) Join the funventure of two nutball buddies on a roller coaster ride of blossoming friendships, a half serving of cop justice and answers to all your romantic quandaries. Will they explore relationships from every possible perspective!? Find out what you get when you mix the dark minded laughplosion of Chris Onorato and the cloudstorm of goofiness in Dave Caro's brain?...it's Caronato!!!

Cassandra (Image) Cassandra is a 4-person sketch group that seamlessly weaves outrageous characters, storytelling, live lit, puppetry, audio clips, and music into one hilarious live show. Starring contributing writers of Paper Machete and improv and sketch veterans, this smart, sharply-written comedy collection will make you laugh AND think about anything from current events and modernity, to characters so ridiculous, they'd almost have to be real! Join Cassandra on an epic comedic journey through the human soul. (bring snacks).

Cell Camp (Image) If murder is so prevalent in Chicago why isn't anyone trying to find a cure? That's why sketch troupe Cell Camp returns for its 7th year to host a black-tie fundraising benefit to raise awareness and funds to find a cure for murder. The Dying to Find a Cure for Murder benefit will feature guest speakers, a mini-documentary on living with someone diagnosed with murder, heavy d'oeuvres and light entertainment.

Charles (Image) A cerebral and imaginative sketch duo from Seattle, Charles is intelligent without sacrificing accessibility, seamlessly combining highbrow and lowbrow sensibilities into a brand of humor they call unibrow. Charles has performed throughout the US and Canada, including the Comedy Central Stage Los Angeles; the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Hollywood; the San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and Toronto Sketchfests; the Los Angeles Comedy Festival; the People?s Improv Theater New York; and the Toronto and Victoria Fringe Festivals. Outside the group, Chuck has worked as a contributing writer for The Onion, and Charlie served as editor-in-chief of Stanford University?s humor magazine The Chaparral.Winners of "Best Writing" and "Best Sketch Comedy" at the 2012 LA Comedy Festival.

Charmaine (Image) In a post-Sex and the City world where it?s not unusual anymore to be an outspoken, independent, sexually free woman, where do we go from here? This revue?s sketches explore that question by highlighting the female characters that many of us strive not to be, that modern society tells us we should avoid being. We invite you on this journey to help us find "that girl" as we delve into her issues, dilemmas, confusions, sexcapades, explorations, stiletto sufferings, mistakes, tears, cake eating, fake confidence, and moments of pure, self-assured strength. After years of vague insults and unabashed mockery, "that girl" has a lot of shit she?s been wanting to say. So come listen.

Chicago Transit Minorities (Image) The Chicago Transit Minorities is your one stop ride to funny. With a multicultural mix of "conductors this comedy troupe presents their brand of humor featuring sketches, music, dance, and bad accents. Come along for the ride and you'll awkwardly wonder if you're being racist or not.

Church of the Saturday Saints (Image) During this musical sketch comedy show, members of the Church of the Saturday Saints will take on their greatest challenge yet: adulthood. "Grown Ass Adults: A Coming of Age Fail" is a musical journey through grownup missteps and misconceptions. Feel free to laugh with, and at, us as we navigate our transition into adulthood.

Cigarette Sandwich (Image) Long ago, two guys with great hair decided to form a sketch group with Tim Lamphier. Smash cut to present day, they're still combing things that don't go together through comedy. and Andy Bolduc and Case Blackwell still totally rock side parts. Come share their love of robots, magical potions, cop drama, rap, Indiana Jones, or more to the point, their favorite sketches written and performed in the last year.

City Bunny (Image) "Never Have I Ever... (shared this before) is a sketch show inspired by real life teen drama, pulled straight from the source--high school journals! Incorporating character driven scenes, silly music, and actual readings of journal entries Justine and Jennifer show you how living in the moment is better than living in the past."

Claudia Martinez (Image) "I said I already put the dishes in the dish washer!" Claudia is in love and has had quite a life journey of loving women. This show delves into her romantic nature, and how a girl who sometimes thinks she's a boy becomes a man and learns to love women.

Clown Car to Sicily (Image) Clown Car to Sicily is a musical improv and sketch comedy group based in Chicago, IL. Inspired by Commedia dell'Arte, we use various forms and sketch, but all things musical! With high energy, choreography, and beautiful harmonies, Clown Car to Sicily will have you singing along as you watch, and humming as you leave!

Cody and Jeb (Image) Cody and Jeb are just two loveable redneck dudes who like to deal out advice like hogs at a county fair. Listen to them tell you how to pick up women and where to take them on dates. Performed by Chicago comedic geniuses Tamale Sepp and Sayjal Joshi.

College Brochure (Image) 11 Actors, 11 points of view. You have seen them around town performing in some of the largest venues in Chicago from the Playground Theatre to Upstairs Gallery, but in this show, recent conservatory graduates come together as one to make you laugh, make you think and even make you aroused-you perverts. This show is diverse, just like the cast, and filled with musical numbers, character driven scenes and just a hint of racial commentary.

Comedy Thingy presents ?Leopold!? (Image) LEOPOLD! is sketch comedy, put into a blender and thrown at the audience in pieces. Clay Sander & Dave Bonde (along with Patrick Brennan and Comedy Thingy) return to Chicago Sketchfest, after a decade of lethargy, to perform original sketches from their 20+ years of comedy.

Crassus (Image) Geoff and Nat are comedy power duo CRASSUS, a sketch and musical comedy extravaganza. Delve into the minds of two grown men who deal with their joys and frustrations the only way they know how; through comedic flights of fancy. CRASSUS formed in 2010 and has since had the privilege of performing their unique blend of fast paced sketch comedy and song at the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, the Big-Little Comedy Fest, and the Laughing Stock Comedy Rock Music Festival.

Damn It Janet (Image) ?Damn It, Janet? is a love letter to one of the greatest musical artists of all time, Janet Jackson. The audience will be taken on an escapade of Janet?s most famous moments, songs, and dances through this original sketch comedy show. All sketches are based on or inspired by Janet Jackson?s hit singles and award-winning music videos.

Dean Is (Image) If you've laughed at his wordless antics as the Magical Exploding Boy and as the entity known as Honeybuns, wait'll you hear him talk! This solo sketch performance showcases Dean Evans' remarkably versatile talent as he rolls through hilarious characters and physical routines.

Delirious Confetti (Image) Who's on the other line!? Delirious Confetti connects to the person on the other end of the wire! Are they who they say they are, or a figment of our imagination!?

DJ Faucet (Image) Absurd, energetic, and dark, iO West mainstage sketch team DJ Faucet pulls from clowning, dance, and good ol? dumb jokes to make big, physical sketch comedy. Whether they?re sending a clown to the hospital bedside of a dead man; spread through the theater on walkie-talkies to carry out a sniper mission; or stuck with their dicks in a Chinese finger trap, DJ Faucet delivers big, ridiculous fun. (Usually with a bit tenderness, and frequently with a bit of blood.)

Dog Dads (Image) Dog Dads (formerly The Good & Crazy) is 3 best friends making each other laugh doing weirdy sketch comedy. Based out of Chicago, Ted Tremper, Paul Jurewicz and Jared Larson steer towards the surreal. Their performance at Chicago?s Sketchfest in 2013 garnered rave reviews for their deconstructive comedic style.

Drew's Tumbler (Image) Drew?s Tumbler shows often begin on rollerskates, celebrate the absurd, mock musical theater, & end in violent death. The trio met at Boston College in 2004 and now performs sketch comedy in the Chicago area and all around the country.

Ed Toolis (Image) Three male casualties, in the battle of the sexes tell their stories: The ultimate target of a woman's scorn, a PR man , who has problems pitching the male brand to today's women, and a teacher at a junior college has problems with his students in a romance writing class.

EVIL (Image) EVIL is a comedy duo straight from the minds of Amy Thompson and Sam Roos. EVIL is unapologetic and also very sorry and serious and goofy and right and wrong and short and tall and a man and a woman. EVIL gets under your skin and burrows into your brain where it takes a long ass nap in your soft, warm synapses. Evil is all around you.

Exquisite Corpse (Image) Pure, uncut sketch that takes the audience through a mixed salad of overlapping and intermingling realities, worlds within worlds, and tangents of other tangents. People and places range from the real and logical to the mythological and bizarre. Some have likened the experience to "watching a dream."

Fancy Woman (Image) Born of iO's writing program, Fancy Woman spent 2012 and 2013 writing and performing "The Written Show" at iO's Del Close Theater. Their material runs the gamut from dick jokes to politically-themed dick jokes. Each group member has a hand towel with Fancy Woman embroidered on it.

Feminine Gentlemen (Image) Coming off a sold-out performance at the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, the veteran comics will be shining their shoes, waxing their mustaches and putting a sock down their pants for this tongue and cheek ballet. Yes ballet. No wives, girlfriends or sassy co-workers here... just two grown men doing manly things and wig bits.

Flambango (Image) Flambango. Solidly mid-30's. Kids are now in the picture. Tired. So...tired?. And yet we soldier on, ready to laugh at our own, and other people's, pain. Flambango presents, "Clear Skies Ahead a show chock full of zombie love, demented toy love, and a lot of pet love.

Flippin' Channels in The Estrogen Zone (Image) A comedic show for the heartbroken and horny. The honest and graphic recollections and fantasies of one frustrated woman navigating sex and love set within the boundaries of her imagination. Journey into a world filled with music, products for the unsatisfied single woman and flying fruit, otherwise known as Flippin' Channels in The Estrogen Zone.

Foil Arms and Hog (Image) Ireland?s top comedy trio have sold-out Edinburgh Fringe ?09 - ?13.. A fast paced mix between sketch comedy and stand-up. Wickedly twisted characters, unpredictable scenes and high energy performances.

For Science! (Image) For Science! is obsessed with pushing the boundaries of sketch comedy and finding new ways to make you laugh. The ensemble uses everything science and technology has given us to connect with you, YOU a real person in the real world watching our show. Spend a night with For Science! and stare boldly into the future of sketch.

Former Roommate (Image) "I have to be her friend. She knows too much.? This is what the two ladies of Former Roommate, Brittany Anderson and Mary Tilden, said about one another before realizing they should join forces and create. Guaranteed to bring you high energy, relationships galore, and maybe a good old-fashioned ass kicking.

Frange & Stern (Image) Comedians Brian Frange (The Unbelievable Podcast, HuffPost Live) and Rob Stern (Comedy Central, Tosh.0) deliver their best two-person sketches. Frange & Stern has been featured in the New York Sketch Festival, Fall Back Comedy Festival and Philly SketchFest.

Frat Castle (Image) Frat Castle is composed of some of Chicago's most talented up-and-coming performers. Brought together by the Second City Conservatory, these 12 friends put on a show full of scenes inhabited by loveably-inept, charismatically-bumbling characters. They build bold stage pictures, write strong social satire, and sometimes throw in a puppet.

Fratwurst (Image) Since 2010, Fratwurst has performed their grounded, satirical and sharply written sketches around Toronto to the delight of their fans. Taking inspiration from their personal experience as underdogs, Fratwurst creates a witty comedic experience which ranges from surreal to heartbreaking. Fratwurst is Evan Arppe, Eric Miinch and Josh Murray.

FUCTnyc (Image) "Gonzo Sketch Warriors FUCT has performed their unique brand of sketch comedy since 2002. Using music, dance, games, stunts, magic and audience participation, FUCT weaves together an experience that you will never forget. Expect to laugh, scream and be shocked, but most of all expect the unexpected.

Full Circle (Image) Full Circle is a wacky, witty and wonderfully weird sketch comedy show put on by students from the University of Dayton. Each skit is written by the cast, for the cast and performed with the high energy only college kids have. But the audience chooses the order, so the actors never know what's coming next!

Garlic Jackson (Image) Garlic Jackson Live! picks the ripest New York TV writers and comics then smashes them to perfection in fast-paced, classical sketch comedy guaranteed to make your mouth drool. Garlic Jackson has been featured on NBC, MTV Networks, Bravo, VH1, HuffPo, Gawker, and College Humor, and won the 2013 Int'l Sketch Comedy Championships. The New York Times called Garlic Jackson, "Some of the City's best writers and performers" who "collide in this energetic show."

GayCo Productions (Image) GayCo Productions is a not-for-profit theatre ensemble that specializes in creating sketch-comedy revues based on gay/lesbian themes. Since starting as a lesbigay-focused workshop at the Second City Training Center in 1996, we've performed for massive, enthusiastic, sexy gay audiences in Chicago and across the country.

GUNNER (Image) Julie Marchiano and Carley Moseley really like each other and really like doing sketch comedy. Their show aims for big and dumb, while maintaining at least a tiny bit of integrity and straight-up delight in performing. GUNNER's ultimate goal is to goof around with the audience at least a little bit, all the time.

HEY LADIES (Image) HEY LADIES have a riproarin', cream filled, and deep fried musical sketch hootenany made up of founders Brittny Congleton & Molly Todd and featuring the incredible Kate Kershaw, Ali Delianides, Kristin Hopkins & Kerry Santoro. This all female Southern musical sketch troupe is inspired by the trashy,touching and true experiences of the southern gals of HEY LADIES. From the big haired and God fearing to the grace and charm of the southern belle, we'll take you county to county meeting pageant girls, trailer trash, Bible thumpers, and every coupon queen in between!

Hey Look a Pig! (Image) York High School is back with a new show and a new name! A whole new show written by high school kids: some with vast sketch comedy experience, and some who thought that ?sketch club? meant that we were going to draw together. Come see these kids so their principle isn?t the only one at their performance.

Hi Betty! (Image) Hi Betty! is a group of really funny ladies, who capture the insanity of the female mind! Letting it all hang out (over their belts) and telling how it really is, showing that there is more of them to love than just their witty senses of humor. Making the everyday trials in life hilarious!!!

Honorary Degree (Image) The members of Honorary Degree have been writing and performing sketch comedy shows together for the last 8 years, including appearances at New York Sketchfest, DC Comedy Fest, San Francisco Sketchfest, and Chicago Sketchfest 2010-2013. Highly recommended for complex electrical work, and sketch comedy is basically the same thing, right?

Hot Town (Image) Hot Town, Dumber in the City Hot Town, Dumber in the City takes you on a satirical sketch journey through life, love, relationships (yadda yadda yadda) and, of course, hobosexuals (not a typo). Join us, won't you?

Improv Nerd (Image) “Improv Nerd with Jimmy Carrane," is a live interview show hosted by Jimmy Carrane, a well-known improv teacher and former host of Studio 312 on Chicago Public Radio. In this show, Jimmy will interview Sketchfest founder Brian Posen about his career in comedy and creative process. Then laugh along as Jimmy performs a totally unscripted scene with Brian and then opens the floor for questions.

JABLONSKI! (Image) JABLONSKI! is Sherra Lasley and John Sviokla. After a two year break, JABLONSKI! is back with the best of their material, going beyond typical sketch scenarios, exploring the awkwardness of humanity, and taking things further than ever expected. Known for their emotional rawness coupled with their absolute ridiculousness, no stone will go unturned when these two are searching to unveil the comedy in their truth.

Jake Dewar Comedian-Tragedian (Image) Jake Dewar channels the spirit of a little boy who creates worlds in his bedroom and never leaves home...within the body of a 6'1 twenty-something year old. His smart-but-silly characters are as wide-ranging as the musical styles he pays homage to with his dexterous guitar chops and versatile vocals. Check out his work at JakeDewarComedy.com!

JODY (Image) Together Katy Colloton and John Loos are JODY, a two person sketch comedy group that focuses on the absurdity of gender roles. BEST OF JODY is a collection of their favorite sketches from the past four years. From a Top Gun inspired romance to a skinny jeans ballet, BEST OF JODY will demonstrate that no one should surrender to their gender.

Johnny Knoxville (Image) Andrew Knox and John Sabine are two nice boys trying their best. "Johnny Knoxville" explores high school, the NSA, gender roles, the War on Terror, and hot animals.

Just Great: A Week In Revue (Image) Just Great: A Week in Revue is a sketch show that is totally concepted, written, and performed in one week. Each show has a host, musical guest, and stand up act as well.

Just the Tip (Image) Just the Tip brings hilarious characters, situations, songs, and dance based on their unique experiences and satirical point of view. This Chicago sketch group has been together five years strong performing at festivals and venues across the country. Come and see how good Just the Tip can make you feel!

Kerpatty (Image) These two are dummies! The good kinda of dummies! The kind of dummies you want to be dummies with too.

Lee Russell: Soi-disant (Image) From The Annoyance House Ensemble, Fire & Beer, Lee Russell presents a solo-written sketch show. The show features Lee Russell accompanied by performers from all over Chicago, including, Second City, Common Shiner, The Annoyance Theater, Chicago Ladies in Comedy, & many more. This self-styled, "so-called solo show is not to be missed.

Life's Misdirections (Image) We all have expectations of where we want to go in life. Life's Misdirections explores the lives of multiple characters who think they have it all figured out. That is, until simple missteps and wrong turns lead them to where they are really meant to be. Sometimes you've just got to buckle up, let life take the wheel, and cruise with the what ifs, the hell no's, and the please stops.

Listen Kid! (Image) Listen, Kid! is one of New York?s premiere sketch comedy duos. Housed at The Magnet Theater, these boys have brought their zany act to the 2013 Chicago and San Francisco Sketch Festivals as well as to Boston, Philadelphia and Toronto. Get ready to guffaw at these two human cartoons.

Luthier von Heidelburg (Image) Luthier von Heidelburg is the "best songwriter von DEUTSCHLAND, und thus the WORLD". This eccentric and manic German serves as the fulcrum for Eric Schinzer's cast of characters. Ranging from a small child's dream to an ancient Japanese storyteller giving love advice, the show will make you say "FWAHEI!"

Making an Ass of U & Me (Image) Karisa Bruin turns real people from her real life into a classic sketch characters, and then morphs them back into her version of human beings by making assumption after assumption about their lives. How does she sleep at night, making fun of real people just going about their lives unaware that someone is mocking them? Karisa's combination of classical theatrical training, Chicago comedy experience, and a boring childhood meld perfectly as Karisa inhabits characters that that are at once sweetly pathetic and deeply human. Karisa has performed around Chicago and the US with various improv and theater ensembles. She has trained at The Michael Howard Studios in NYC, UCB, The Annoyance, iO, and The Magnet. She recently wrapped filming as a principle in a feature film, The Origins of Wit and Humor. Dartmouth College, AB. Director Mike Brunlieb is an improvisor and Performer in and around Chicago. He?s a good boy. Catch him with the recently awarded best comedy group ever Kill All Comedy.

Mandy Presents: Oh Shit! (Image) This character-driven one woman show is basically written by all of the characters who have shaped Mandy as a person. And that person is a character all by herself. While writing this bio, she said, outloud "I'm just gonna start blobbing and then we can edit. Oh no, we only have one sentence left."

Margolis & Reisman (Image) Nicky Margolis and Boaz Reisman have a complicated relationship with the expression "Greatest Songwriting Duo of All Time." But, as the most famous and most uncompromising members of Chicago's Alt-Folk-Rock-Comedy scene, they understand that, you know... we rule! Comedy and Songs just like mom used to make. Before we had her institutionalized.

Matt & Sam - The Tweet Show (Image) Samantha Martin (2013 Just For Laughs Montreal, New Faces Character Showcase) and Matthew Robert Gehring (Louie, Political Subversities) created THE TWEET SHOW. Twitter comes to the stage as live-sketch comedy when two of Twitter's finest (@himynamesam and @Mrgehring) coming talents in The Tweet Show: 140 Character Comedy.

Matt Griffo (Image) Griffo is a comedian in the same vein as Flight of the Conchords and Tim Minchin ? he plays funny original songs on piano and ukulele while telling stories in between. Joined on stage by cellist Desiree Miller, this year features all new material.

Me and Some Other Guy (Image) Hey, we're Me and Some Other Guy. One of us is me and one is some other guy. Come to the show and find out who's who. It'll be obvious.

Michinoku Driver (Image) Sometimes life has you pinned to the mat, and sometimes you just have to take a steel chair to its head. Michinoku Driver's Brian Work & John Ugolini take a humorous look at the difficult & defining moments in their lives, exploring themes of love, loss, & disappointment through such skewed lenses as broken bank robbers, existential board games, and lonely vampire hunters.

Minority Rules! (Image) Unlike the Love Boat, this quartet is more than just exciting and new. With a mix of Asian, Latino and African American influences, their performance will be a kaleidoscope of comedy that will re-define the word hilarious! The group will use their unique brand of humor and music to translate their urban wisdom on culture, politics and social norms, all while celebrating the reason we don't all die of boredom, our differences

MRS. (Image) MRS. is Ryan Asher, Mary Catherine Curran, Sara Gaare, and Susan Glynn. With their powers combined they are a fantastical and lovable sketch group. This high energy, action packed show will keep you entertained and give you a reason to wake up every morning.

Murderfist (Image) The MURDERFIST Show is the comedy show equivalent of a gigantic flaming eagle shooting crossbow arrows out of its eyes and balls. It's a journey to the extreme horizon of your mind-ocean and our heavy metal comedy might just help the pain of being alive. Winner of the ECNY Award for Best Sketch Comedy Group and named by the Village Voice as the ?Best Sketch Comedy Group in New York.? ?[MURDERFIST] is the only group that has attempted to bring me back to life!? ?Peter Briggard Mayonnaise, inventor of mayonnaise.

Nashville. The Band (Image) Nashville. The Band is a band from Louisville, KY. Consisting of Chester A. "Hard" Hardwick, Maximillion Barfield, and Billy Piccadilly, they have been traveling the country for decades spreading the message of togetherness and equality. Armed with the hardest working roadie in show business, Dale "Blast Em" Hammershaw and supported by comedy rock groupie, Ruby Tuesday, the group is poised to explode your mind, set afire your heart, and hump your soul.

Nightpunch (Image) Hits of the 80?s Written Today! Nightpunch is on a mission to save the world by rocking the stage with their intricate vocal harmonies, killer dance choreography, and face melting instrument solos. Don?t miss Nightpunch, the ONLY band legally authorized to punch the night!

Off Off Broadzway (Image) Voted Best Audience Hecklers by The Chicago Reader! Off Off Broadzway is Chicago's only burlesque-parody show that features original music/dance-ish/and anything goes humor. The Broadz can guarantee foul mouths, daddy issues and free boners for the fellas! These ladies are sharp, hysterical and probably a little drunk. Oh yeah, don't bring your kids.

Off-Off Campus (Image) Off-Off Campus, from the University of Chicago, is the 2nd oldest student improvisational and sketch theater troupe in the country. In it's 28th year, Off-Off brings referential and sentimental sketches from its recent reviews, including Slaughterhouse Five-O and Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News (I've Got A Bad Case of Wanting News).

Oh Theodora (Image) Oh Theodora performs dumb comedy for smart people. This Chicago-based group specializes in silly, story-driven sketches that veer into surprising territory.

One Word Punctuation Point (Image) The Actor's Training Center in Wilmette presents One Word Punctuation Point. An obscure, angst-ridden, hilarious, well written and supremely acted sketch show from the minds of teenagers. By the time you leave, you won't want to.

Pedestrian (Image) Pedestrian plays fast, hard, and irreverent. They have a long history of performing with each other, which is apparent in their wild style. These boys explore all dynamics of budz and present it soaked in fun.

Pinque Pony (Image) Real-life gay couple who play tragi-comic lady characters.

Play On (Image) Play On presents two teams this year in one hilarious show - CODE RED VINES, featuring children ages 9-12, and INTENSIVE CARE BEARS, our teen comedy ensemble. Both teams perform comedy sketches written by the students, and coached by Lisa Bany and Ethan Goldman. This years scenes include DORA THE EXPLORER'S FIRST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL, and other scenes inspired by TV, music and current events.

Pop Roulette (Image) Pop Roulette is a musical sketch comedy group based in New York City that takes aim at pop culture and the millennial generation. But really we just like to dance! If you've ever watched a sketch show and thought, "this is great, but where are the harmonies?" Pop Roulette is the group for you. www.facebook.com/poproulette

Pretty/Windy (Image) Pretty / Windy is a theatre company loosely based in the Lakeview area of Chicago. Formed in 2010 by a group of Case Western Reserve University alumni, they use their theatrical background and signature literate wit to bring you sharp, polished sketch comedy. Often with songs. And puppets.

ProDuNKTiOn (Image) After being out of college for over a year and being transplanted to Chicago, ProDuNKTiOn explores the themes and issues that plague their daily lives. Every single member had really expected to be wildly famous by now but they unfortunately remain undiscovered and hell-bent on getting their landlords to accept various gift cards as legal tender. Oh, yeah and they're all girls...I mean... women.

prostitute Tears (Image) 5 boys. 5 girls. PTs have performed for years focusing on exposing comedic seediness of every day life. Always based on truth, their material ranges from heart felt to farcical.

Rabbit Rabbit (Image) Sketch duo Andrew Bentley and Chris Blake return for their fifth year to sketch-fest, and bring their "highly energetic and darkly subversive" touch to a brand new show which once again twists traditional sketch frameworks into shapes Time Out Chicago called "cerebral, unexpected and a joy to watch".

Ray BradGary (Image) Ray BradGary presents The Koch Brothers Mystery Show, a narrative sketch spectacular following the Hardy Boys-esque capers of right wing multi-billionaires The Koch Brothers. After having tackled the EPA Evasion Enigma and the Mystery of the Marxist Muslim, these free-market-loving boy detectives will be faced with their biggest challenge yet, as they explore a world where happiness is monetized and Ayn Rand is a Lovecraftian hell-serpent.

Residential Evil (Image) This is a sketchfest show that won?t get political or preachy, just emotional. Join the unbalanced cast for a journey through work, life and relationships in Chicago.

Robot vs. Dinosaur (Image) Robot vs. Dinosaur proudly presents "The Gods Must Be Swayze." Really, that is the title of our sketch comedy show that has nothing to do with Patrick Swayze, but he would have been proud if only we would have done this show five years ago.

Sabrina And Colleen (Image) In the original sketch revue, Get Serious, Chicago comediennes, Colleen Breen and Sabrina Pratt refuse to take life seriously- especially the serious parts of life. Donning matching pairs of rose-colored glasses these two young writers and frenetic performers tackle the haunting worlds of isolation, heartbreak and loneliness- joyously swimming outside the mainstream with reckless abandon. Through the fluid intertwining of scenes which appear to start absurd and dark these two wild hearts flip our most secret fears and conquer them with a contagious passion for being unapologetically alive.

Sad Banana (Image) A less New Zeland-y Flight of the Concords with a guy and a girl with a guitar and a keyboard instead of two guys with two guitars and zero keyboards. Sad Banana is Josh Paloma and Mary Spray. They have never met.

Same Sex Different Gays (Image) pH Comedy Theater presents this musical sketch show that will take you on a journey through the multifaceted world of relationships...of people who happen to be gay. With songs that range from intimate to over the top, Same Sex Different Gays is something that anyone who has ever been on a date can relate to, no matter what your favorite body part! Because when you get to the heart of every song, the message is one that speaks to any sexual orientation.

Saslation Theatre Company NFP (Image) S15:Our Big Fat Quinceanera is a best-of sketch comedy show highlighting sketches from Salsation 15 years of providing "comedy With a LATIN flavor". The show explores the current wave of minority empowerment culminating from being once thought of being a small player in popular culture to now being a force to be reckoned with. Salsation ponders the universal theme through the prism of the Latino experience.

Shanna's Mom (Image) In Shanna's Mom's original sketch comedy revue, they put their own twist on dating, the workplace and friendships. They invite you to witness their wacky, modern world of angry dancing, hipsters, power struggles and survival. However you decide to deal with the ones you love, Shanna?s Mom is here to help you get through it, even if an occasional outburst is necessary.

She Said What (Image) She Said What have been a constant at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival since 2009 and in 2013 their performance was recognized with one of the Festival?s highest honors, winning the Second City Best of The Fest Award. The show is high-energy, character-driven, professional yet playful theatrical comedy. With strong writing and dynamic talent, these girls are a delicious hard punch to the face.

Sheboygan (Image) Sheboygan. Picked out of a hat. We like corporate landscapes, geese, and cat memes.

Shock T's (Image) The Shock T's are a three-person comedy band TheatreJones calls ?...such vivid performers that it's hard to remember what came before or after. With an ever-changing show full of original songs, they perform all over the country accompanied by one guitar.

Siblings of Doctors (Image) In "Siblings of Doctors: Personal Stories longtime Chicago SketchFest veterans Rasika Mathur, Danny Pudi, and Ranjit Souri share true personal stories in a humorous storytelling format. Directed by John Hildreth."

Slow Children At Play (Image) Slow Children at Play is a sketch comedy group from Boston University founded in 1995. The rotating cast of BU undergraduates have written and performed their original sketches to audiences around the country. Their unique brand of humor is unlike anything you've ever seen before...unless you've already seen it before.

Snack Boys (Image) The Snack Boys like to treat their audience like a sick, disgusting, elderly dog. Grounded scene work is the bitter tasting dog medicine that they hide in the ice cream of pratfalls, adult diapers, fake guns, and disgusting on-stage food challenges. Please give them a chance to heal you, Chicago... you disgusting, elderly dog. The Snack Boys are Adam Levin and Mike Migdall.

Snooty Pageant (Image) Snooty Pageant is a musical sketch revue written and performed by Katie Dufresne and Stacey Smith- the ladies of Brouhaha. The two tackle themes such as love, war, poverty, and politics through a woman?s eyes as if she were drugged and/or desperate. Utilizing music, puppetry, clowning, costumes, make up, great hair, rapping, bad hair, food, dancing, noises, instruments and, if allowed, extreme pyrotechnics, these two ladies take the audience on a terrifying roller coaster ride.

Stag Comedy (Image) STAG Comedy hails from the dusty BBQ-stained streets of Austin, Texas. STAG's high energy show includes live hunting, gruff cops, haunted adolescence and more.

Stir Friday Night (Image) Stir-Friday Night! is an Asian-American sketch group. We are 18 years old. Our alumni include Danny Pudi (Community), Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead), Mary Sohn (Second City Mainstage), and Broadway's Christine Lin (Chinglish).

Stupid Time Machine (Image) From the back alleys of New Orleans comes improv and sketch comedy group Stupid Time Machine. STM creates sell-out live sketch shows, and is a collaboration of some of Austin and New Orleans' best comedians (co-creators of The New Movement NOLA, Hand Bomb Presents, the web series Sunken City, and the podcast Shipwrecked! in NOLA, to name a few). This unapologetic group takes everything that makes us uncomfortable or afraid and shows us there is always a reason to laugh.

Sweet Tease (Image) Sweet Tease uses personal stories and characters from own their lives to expose social norms and gender roles put on women in society. They create and play the awkward, silly, yet touching powerful moments that women experience in their daily lives.

Talking to Myself: a solo show (Image) "Talking to Myself" is a show about communication through the eyes of Miguel Lepe, Jr. and the characters he's created based on friends, family and different phases of himself. These characters will take you through embarrassing job interviews, friend-zone moments and awkward sex. Miguel uses sketch, improvisation and video to express his views on how we all communicate differently these days, whether we are talking to loved ones, friends, employers or even ourselves.

TANGO (Image) Tango explores the unusual twists, turns, and dips in everyday life though a variety of relationships and characters. Meisinger and Marsh fuse dance and original songs with sketch as they juxtapose the ideal of any given situation against the oftentimes harsh reality.

That Just Happened (Image) “That Just Happened” is Chicago's weekly sketch comedy newshour, focusing on the politics and current events of the week. With a format that combines desk jokes, character monologues, guest appearances, and of course improvisation, That Just Happened embraces the Chicago tradition of interpreting the world through satire.

The Awkward Stage (Image) You know when your dad tells a joke, and maybe it's corny or a little racist or references closed restaurants? If that made you uncomfortable, then do yourself a favor and do not see this show. However, if your father's misguided humor wraps around you like a bearskin rug of comfort, we'll see you shortly with Molly McCormick & Danni Parpan of The Fruit Flies, David Heeley, and Jerod Walburn.

The Backrow (Image) The Backrow has brought its brand of highly relatable, rarely topical sketch comedy to every year of the festival. In "Regrettably Yours the deathless vets explore the huge mistake of trying to be nice to others.

The Beverly D'Angelo Community Players (Image) The Beverly D'Angelo Community Players (Stephen (with a 'ph') Kropa and Christopher (with a 'ph') Woolsey) are two men committed to the idea of theatre as a way to bring colour to the world. With us you will travel, with us you will weep, with us you will laugh and applaud on your feet.

The Business (Image) The Business is a sketch comedy group comprised of four University of Chicago alumni. They specialize in improbable realities and the logical absurd, with a minor in dogs. They have been known to fully articulate ultimate truths.

The Charlies (Image) The Charlies are getting together for a good old-fashioned game night, and you're invited. Who knows what games we'll play? Monopoly? Jenga? Global Thermonuclear War? One thing's for sure: you'll want to see it again and again and again.

The Citizens of Townsville (Image) The Citizens of Townsville shed a comedic light on the often-considered dark subject of... death. From accidental mass murderers, Southern psychics, and flirting Grimm Reapers. The show features relationship driven comedy that examines the act of death, it?s affect on the living, and the beyond.

The Council (Image) A sketch review based around the setting of summer camp. Music and hilarity ensue as the relationships between all different summer camp archetypes are explored. An instant classic.

The Cupid Players (Image) Cupid Has A Heart On combines sharp writing and catchy songs with a witty take on relationships, love and life. The result is a musical sketch show that is raunchy, sweet, cynical, touching, smart, inane and ? above all ? very, very funny. The show has received critical acclaim and entertained thousands of audience members.

The Dan Peff Show of Excessive Force (Image) The Dan Peff Show of Excessive Force is an old-school variety show that will beat you silly. Hosted by and starring stand-up sensation Dan Peff, this classic TV throwback will throw you back with one-liners, drink recipes, songs, and Dean Martin-esque scenes.

The Dancing Pig (Image) The Dancing Pig has been delighting audiences with their ribald sense of dude humor since 2010. Nothing is off limits as the Pig lampoons everything from the average male experience; from large concepts like religion and relationships to stuff as simple as waiting in line for the bathroom. So, sit back, have a beer, and let the Pig dance!

The Department of Homeland Obscurity (Image) The Department of Homeland Obscurity is a sketch comedy group of 4 very attractive young men (emphasis on young... and attractive). Their show consists of a large variety of humor ranging from satire to dark comedy. They look forward to making you laugh or urinate, whether it be from laughing or simply the urge to go.

The Intecollectuals (Image) The Intecollectuals ? An original sketch comedy group sprouting out of the cracks of the infamous Los Angeles surf ghetto known as Venice Beach. Created and directed by LA sketch veteran Jeff Leaf, this collision of wit and edge infused with 80's music has become a monthly favorite in LA. Performing to sold out crowds, the founding members Jeff Leaf, Betsy Currie, Stephanie Hodgdon, Elliott Peele, and Michael Geary create a fast paced flipbook of comedic genius inspired by their community, culture, and personal baggage. There is a party atmosphere the minute you enter the space, continuing with drinks after the show while chatting with the cast.

The Interns (Image) Since their debut at the 2013 Chicago Sketchfest, the Interns have all gone on to attain paying jobs with hourly wages! What will this year bring - salaries, regular trips to the grocery store, framed artwork?! Come join us on a wild romp through young adulthood and find out!

The Laser Sketch Show (Image) The Laser Sketch Show uses Hyphy Color laser reactive technology to paint a story that brings you into a whole new world of characters created by comedian and artist, Chris Fair, who literally draws, does voice over, and creates sound effects and music for the entire show. Old Drawings fade as the adventure moves forward to another illustration drawn quickly before your eyes. It may be the most unique sketch show you will see because it's actually sketched.

The Late Live Show (Image) The Late Live Show is a joke-heavy, sincere-yet-bizarre late-night talk show that was a cult hit in Chicago for three years and is now based in Los Angeles. Led by host Joe Kwaczala, the show is lovingly crafted by a dedicated team of writers whose credits include The Onion News Network and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Each episode is brand new and features all of the late-night staples: a monologue, desk piece, characters, sketches, and interviews (former guests include Paul Feig, Rick Bayless, Danny Pudi, Rob Paulsen, Lucas Neff and more.)

The Magnificent Bastards (Image) The Magnificent Bastards is a reunion show of a performing group, Ass Monkey Junkies, from Sketchfest 1. The show includes sketches, blackouts and a live performance of Samson Crouppen from BitesizeTV. Added will be a live version of Samson's hit Yoga sketch featured on FunnyorDie.com.

The Mary Todd Lincoln Variety Hour (Image) The Mary Todd Lincoln Variety Hour is a late-night variety show hosted by the former First Lady herself, Mary Todd Lincoln. Featuring sketch, stand-up, music, and games inspired by historical figures and events, The Mary Todd Lincoln Variety Hour makes gross assumptions about people from our nation?s past and explores their lives?after death. Written and performed by Julie Marchiano, Eric Oren, Ben Larrison, and Davide Grody.

The Meaty Bits of Jimmy Shay (Image) The Meaty Bits of Jimmy Shay is a butcher's attempt to get back on stage and make people laugh. Half of the comedy duo Sausage returns to Sketchfest in this deeply personal yet shockingly funny show. Everything From growing up as a fat kid to the sudden death of his best friend, Jimmy takes it all on, and gets into the real Meaty Bits.

The Nerdologues (Image) The Nerdologues combines true tales of geekery with sketches that ask important questions like ?Who is the Dane Cook of Qo'noS?? With unexplainable reverence for a culture that got us beat up, the Nerdologues invites all you hip kids to laugh at our folly (while the geeks get the jokes you don?t). Called ?inspired? by the Chicago Tribune, they also called us ?self aware, self-deprecating? and said the show ?earns its title.? Well, yeah. (Geeks7)(Monologues7 + Sketches11) = The Nerdologues

The Pop Tarts (Image) Straight from the "United Kingdom" to your hearts, we bring to you, international pop sensation, THE POP TARTS! Evelyn and Beatrice rock out hit after hit, touching on every style of music from country to rap to JPop- all featured on their chart topping album, Don't Burn Your Tongue. Come sing and dance along with this musical comedy duo!

The Reception (Image) The Reception is an electric and interactive sketch comedy performance/party on turbo mode. We blend theatre, movement and music together for an inclusive and engaging experience. Will you party/rock/be our new best friends forever?

The Sean Miller Explosion (Image) The Sean Miller Explosion returns for its improbable NINTH straight year at The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival! Egos collide as this dysfunctional sketch group scratch and claw their way to showtime. Will they make it? Probably not.

The Sedgwick Gentlemen's League (Image) The Sedgwick Gentlemen?s League presents Tim Paul and Tim Stoltenberg in a distinguished evening of comedy. Timothy is a masculine given name that comes from the Greek name Timotheos, meaning "honoring God." This show, where chivalry meets wit, does nothing BUT that.

The Stuntmen (Image) The Stuntmen deliver an eclectic array of sketches inspired by the action film genre. We?re physical, frenetic, and we?re not afraid to take a few bumps and bruises for the cause. The Stuntmen's shows are filled with car chases, ninjas, time bombs, time travel, bank heists, and unblockable kicks. We bring over 30 years of combined comedic performance experience to deliver shows that demand the audience?s attention. Action movies are high stakes, over-the-top affairs with heroes and villains and conflict; add a humorous twist, and voila! The Stuntmen.

The Sudden Stop (Image) The Sudden Stop is a one man show that shines a unique light on everyday fears. In this show, Chris Gorton will explore some of these fears and confront them head on. Illness, love, rejection, failure, or flesh eating bacteria can kill a personl; in The Sudden Stop they'll just entertain (and not actually kill you)

The White Wine Boys (Image) 2 friends who combine to form a stellar show that involves sharp, silly sketch work with accompanying solo charcaters. Some scenes may be high octane comedy fueled by the blood of what makes America strong, such as Bald Eagles Blood, Apple Pie innards and baseball to the MaxTreme. Some scenes may make you think, think about life. Think about Love, think about job status or think about nothing at all. You have free will, you decide. Better yet, let the White Wine Boys decide for you.

Think Tank (Image) Using elements of vaudeville, silent film, and bizarro cockamamie, Think Tank pokes fun at the news media's obsession with spewing breaking news reports as rapidly as possible-- accuracy be damned. Also, pizza and stuffed animals.

Those People (Image) The city is bracing itself for the imminent arrival of a disaster-themed sketch show that is rumored to have the destructive power of a hurricane, an atomic bomb, and a potato famine combined. We've never seen anything like this, said one FEMA official. The jokes in this show appear to be among the most deadly in history. Anybody in the vicinity is almost certain to bust a gut, or worse, laugh their asses off.

THUNDERDOME (Image) THUNDERDOME is a weekly comedy variety show that will be presenting its first sketch revue. The show guarantees to be wild, funny, sexy, and chill. Performed by Carmen Christopher, Annie Donley, Morgan Lord, Anthony Oberbeck, Maria Randazzo, & Joey Romaine. Created by Carmen Christopher and cast, direction by Matt Barats.

Two Bunnies Eating Flowers (Image) Two Bunnies Eating Flowers are three cute little kiddos with an insatiable bloodlust for friendship and fun. They're known for their chaotic, go-for-broke live shows, which they've performed at the UCB Theatre-NY and iO Chicago. They promise a performance that cannot be forgotten, only repressed.

Urlakis and Cusick (Image) Urlakis & Cusick's work has been called ?seriously funny stuff? and ?delightfully dark? by Time Out Chicago, praised as ?feisty, cerebral sketch comedy? by The Chicago Reader, and The Chicago Tribune has said ?this team has a real talent for intellectual high jinks.? Come join them for their unique mix of highbrow scenarios and hand-crafted artisanal dick jokes.

Verbal Straight Jacket (Image) Verbal Straight Jacket straps the audience down for a conversation about science, philosophy, life, love and ladies. These four Chicago improv and writing veterans keep it real and keep it smart, exploiting society, pop culture, and relationships. This is happening.

VertiGoGo (Image) VertiGoGo is sketch comedy born from the voices of 5 attractive, young, white, Chicago comedians. They may not have diversity on their side, but from silly to satire, the VertiGoGo gang fearlessly goes wherever whimsy leads them. It has also been suggested that with their powers combined, they are a hotbed of talent rivaling Kevin Spacey.

Virgin Daiquiri (Image) Virgin Daiquiri brings their unique brand of improv into a sketch format. The all-LADY improv troupe, Virgin Daiquiri has been improvising since 2007 at The IO Theater in Chicago. When Virgin performs, women cheer, babies stop crying and men throw their underpants. Their consistent hilarity has gained them quite a following and, in doing so, they've garnered the respect of many important men who will hopefully someday grant all women the right to vote.

Wig Bullies (Image) Wig Bullies is a diverse LGBT-themed group that features veteran writers, performers and directors from the Chicago theater and improv scene. Wig Bullies creates comedy that speaks to our uniquely hilarious LGBT experiences, featuring an often quirky and bizarre take on gay life-and a big bag of wigs.

WILDCARD (Image) Individually they are Casey Whitaker, Carmen Christopher, Greg Worsley, and Rachel Laforce; but together they are WILDCARD, one of Chicago's premier independent sketch and improv groups in the city for the past 4 years. This will be their 3rd time performing in Sketchfest, from truth fires to prank weddings, WILDCARD is proud to present a brand new show that is far from expected. After all they are called WILDCARD.

Wishbone Theatre Collective (Image) Following last year's success of "Ten Things I Facebook Like About You Wishbone Theatre Collective joins sketchfest for it's third appearance. Celebrating the 90s in all of its glory: boy bands, Baywatch and Beanie Babies.