3 Woman 1 Woman Show (with three women) (Image) 3 Woman 1 Woman Show (with three women) is a comedic sketch show written directed and performed by Hayley Lovgren Maren Lovgren and Kristin Schmitz (no relation). After performing for sold-out audiences at the 2013 and 2014 SF Sketchfests as well as Pixar Animation Studios and ComedySportz San Jose this group of Bay Area natives is ready to bring their brand of femor (that’s female humor) to Chicago. Warning this show may contain muses angry nuns and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

4 Days Late (Image) 4 Days Late educates without patronizing satirizes without caricature and eviscerates American pop culture without mercy. Fueled by the dynamic ensemble they create genre-defying original work that implicates our audiences and themselves. This edgy group of performers brings a refreshing twist to sketch comedy. The diverse ensemble spans freelancers to corporate America; the perpetually single to the happily married; the straight to the (OH so) gay; the white to...well there's one half black guy who can play Obama.

Abbaria (Image) Abby Vatterott and Maria Wojciechowski performed solo work before joining forces to become the two-person sketch and comedy music duo: Abbaria. They sing with their mouths dance with their bodies act with their BFA degrees and now with Maria's recent relocation to NYC write comedy with their webcams! Come to their show! You'll love it!

Abby Vatterott (Image) Abby Vatterott is an actor improviser stand up and sketch performer you can find all over the city or in between jobs. Most of her short-lived positions have supplied her with an embarrassing income and an even more embarrassing stock of material. This one woman musical sketch revue will take you through the trials and tribulations of each career leaving you wondering why she ever got the job in the first place.

Any Old Millennial (Image) A sardonic sketch and song review inspired by the triumphs blunders and well-intended priorities of young people. Taking selfies updating our online dating profiles and questioning societal norms is what Millennials do best so we would like to sing about it. Come laugh at us the way we laugh at our bank accounts.

Arch & Andel (Image) Simple.funny.real.

Astronaut Theatre (Image) Astronaut Theatre performs the funniest Earth-based sketch comedy in the known universe. If you don't think so we'll buy you a beer one of the cheaper beers but you'll definitely think so. Astronaut Theatre writes produces and performs an hour of completely original sketch comedy in theaters throughout Chicago and New York.

Awkward Silence (Image) "Awkward Silence is back for it's 9th at Sketchfest which means we are expanding our social circles to include more people outside of mom and dad. At the same time we are learning to handle much of our hygiene and personal care by ourselves. For the past 9 years, A.S. has performed all over the Chicagoland area. A.S. uses music, video, and sketch to combine for a unique viewing experience. ""Strong Physical Comedy"" -Chicago Tribune Past TimeOut Chicago's Best of Fest ""Awkward Silence put on a show strong with creative ideas"" Newcity Stage"

Baby Shoes (Image) " Simple words, big feelings, and lots and lots of dumb, funny, and extreme scenarios, just like Funny-Man Ernest Hemingway would have wanted. Baby Shoes is one of the longest running sketch teams at the Magnet Theater in NYC. They're dark, they're fucked up and above all FUNNY. Baby Shoes'll keep you guessing squirming and LAUGHING throughout the entire show. You're going to love it. "

Battlemasters (Image) Battlemasters engages in high energy character-driven scenework where anything is possible including audience interaction. The stage is just some wood; after they're done chewing that up they're coming for YOU.

BeeFab Productions:Tales of a Stage 4 Cancer (Image) A one woman plus one woman comedy show based on the Cancer journey of Judy Fabjance and her wife Kelly Beeman. Alot has happened since Judy Fabjance’s original one woman show “Are You There Judy. Its Me Cancer”: she got married she wrote a new show and oh ya the cancer is back! . Put on your pink ribbon and get ready to laugh cry and wonder who really profits from your pink ribbon.

Beer Bottle Aristotle (Image) Pop open a Capri-Sun and sit down because “Batteries Not Included: A Sketch Revue for Throwback Toy Fans” promises to take you back to the good ole’ days of the '80s and '90s where Power Rangers ruled the world and Barbie still held every job imaginable. Where skills were measured in Bop It seconds and Hungry Hungry Hippos showed us that competitive eating is the true American way. Join us as we rummage through this retro toybox of laughs and nostalgia but beware the Furby...

Big Butch Bertha and The Cruise Controls (Image) Big Butch Bertha and The Cruise Controls are back for the first time ever forever! Let Ryan and Dan take you on an adventure into the nether regions of comedy! Please do not feed them after midnight.

Bit Heavy: An Electric Night of Solo Sketch Comedy (Image) Both casual and serious comedy fans know that great sketch comedy is really something special. Think the best parts of Saturday Night Live but delivered and executed by one talented comedian at a time. Ten comedians from Los Angeles Chicago and Toronto will present 5 minutes of their best material.

Bleep That Bleep (Image) Take a day of Church combine it with a Beyonce concert sprinkle it with a little Freaky Friday and there you have it. “Beyonce featuring Jesus” is a show that takes you on a journey through pop culture and religion in a way only the twisted minds of Bleep That Bleep could explain. So put on your freakum dress thorned crown and enjoy!

Brand New Toys (Image) Brand New Toys presents “Ignorance Is This” a series of sketches that whirligig into an awesome full show. Narrative structure? We got it! Wacky Characters? Oh hellz yeaaah! Come on down (Bob Barker Voice) — the Toys are ready to play!

Bri-Ko (Image) All Silent All Funny

Bryan Duff: Second Act (Image) Bryan Duff blends stories jokes and original solo sketches into an all-out show that feels like getting away with something fun. He made his unexpected and somewhat unauthorized debut as a solo sketch performer at last year’s festival. His 2015 show is a second act in his American life.

Cake Batter (Image) Cake Batter is Lauren Frost Angela Rysk and Erin Miller Williams. Three women hailing from three different parts of the country who found each other in Los Angeles. Graduates of Second City Hollywood and Upright Citizens Brigade the girls are figuring out adulthood through comedy. While their peers are getting married and having babies they’re performing resident shows at iO West and the Clubhouse LA..because who needs a mortgage when you have an award winning sketch show?

Cake-n-Hatred (Image) Based out of Chicago Cake-n-Hatred ( Laura Bloechl Michael Jordan Charlie Madsen Kerri Morrison and Lindy Voeltner) is just a bunch of friends that love comedy and each other! Since 2009 Cake-n-Hatred has performed at various festivals: The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival Chicago Women's Funny Festival The Women in Comedy Festival and the Columbus Brew Ha Ha Festival - where they won the 2013 Annual Shadowbox Live Sketch Competition. Individually they have or currently perform with iO Theater Chicago The Second City Training Center's House Co and The Annoyance Theater.

Carl's Backyard (Image) Carl's Backyard is a group of three best friends that met doing musical theatre in high school. Twelve years later they dropped the musical part and then the theater part and now just perform sketch comedy that is dramatic and musical.

Caronato (Image) Caronato (David Caro and Chris Onorato) returns to Sketchfest with their new sketch revue: Packing For Heaven. Through audience participation creatively crafted group games and grounded scene work Dave and Chris have created a sketch show that links together a cast of broken and dark characters in a narrative style that asks the question... what's in your suitcase? Directed by David Montgomery

Cassandra (Image) Cassandra is a comedy collective that seamlessly weaves outrageous charactersstorytelling live lit and music into one hilarious live show. Starring contributing writers of the live magazine/podcast Paper Machete and improv and sketch veterans this smart sharply-written comedy collection will make you laugh AND think about anything from current events and modernity to characters so ridiculous they'd almost have to be real! Join Cassandra on an epic comedic journey through the human soul. Starring: Josh Zagoren Ben Kass Julia Weiss Brian Heath Amy Thompson Dan Krall and Bill Larkin

Charles (Image) A cerebral and imaginative duo from Seattle Charles will take you down a wormhole of interwoven worlds. You might see two Glockenspiel clockmen debate the existence of freewill or a pair of 19th century gentlemen play Jenga by mail. The show is intelligent without sacrificing accessibility as Charles seamlessly combines highbrow and lowbrow sensibilities into a brand of humor they call unibrow. Winners of "Best Writing" and "Best Sketch Comedy" at the 2012 LA Comedy Festival and Grand Prize Winners at the 2013 Seattle Comedy Film Challenge.

Charmaine (Image) Charmaine dives head-first into the dumpster to explore the concept of "garbage" through sketch comedy. We all have garbage and we all act like garbage at times. Laugh and reflect with us while discovering the nastiest strangest and most complex parts of ourselves others and society.

Cilio and Ramsey (Image) Joe Cilio and Alex Ramsey have been performing writing and directing comedy together for over eight years. Their two man show is theatrical (and silly) and also profound (but still slightly dangerous). It's the show you always wished would happen you just didn't think anyone would ever do it.

Claire & Brady (Image) This is a show by and for non-millionaires. Brady and Claire are high school acquaintances turned college friends who are performing a two-person show. Millionaires beware.

Close Up (Image) Admit it everyone wants their Close Up. But if you're an insecure RA a vulnerable superhero or a shark attack victim the results might not always be pretty. They will however be funny. Join Alex Garday Amber Linde Kerri Morrison Jenna Steege Chris Woolsey and director Tiffani Swalley as they uncover exactly what happens when you get Close Up.

Clown Car to Sicily (Image) Clown Car to Sicily is a musical improv and sketch comedy group based in Chicago IL. Using various forms and sketch choreography and beautiful harmonies Clown Car to Sicily will have you singing and laughing as you watch and humming as you leave! Send in the clowns!

Clyde McFly (Image) Clyde McFly drops the props and fancy lighting for a two-man sketch revue that’s kinetic real and immediate. Watch Matt Noonan and Mike Trehy wax wise and get winded through a variety of characters and situations. Clyde McFly debuted at UCB Los Angeles in Summer of 2013 enjoyed a run at Second City Hollywood the following winter and has been performing around Los Angeles since.

Comedy Thingy presents Leopold (Image) Comedy Thingy is the combined comedy brainage of Dave Bonde Rick Davis Jeff De Leon and Clay Sander. "Leopold!" their original sketch show is comedy put in a blender and thrown at the audience in pieces. Absurdity-based reality.

Cool Kid Comedy (Image) COOL KID COMEDY is all about breaking the rules: Skipping school skipping stones and just straight up skipping. Like a heavy mouth breathing wall flower these kids one day dreamed to become the coolest kid in any room. Then one day the powers of the universe brought these misfits together to join forces on a quest to gain popularity poise and the ability to breath through their nose.

Crassus (Image) Geoff and Nat are comedy power duo CRASSUS a non-stop sketch and musical comedy extravaganza. Delve into the minds of two grown men who deal with their joys and frustrations the only way they know how; by being ridiculous in front of strangers. CRASSUS formed in 2010 and has since had the privilege of performing their unique blend of fast paced sketch comedy and song at the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival the Big-Little Comedy Fest and the Laughing Stock Comedy Rock Music Festival

Creepy Hug (Image) After taking a year off Creepy Hug returns for its seventh year at the Chicago Sketchfest with a new batch of irreverent sketches and shenanigans.

Cupid Has a Heart On (Image) Cupid Has A Heart On combines sharp writing and catchy songs with a witty take on relationships love and life. The result is a musical sketch show that is raunchy sweet cynical touching smart inane and – above all – very very funny. The show has received critical acclaim and entertained thousands of audience members. Cupid Has a Heart On features a rotating cast with a few of the original cast members still pouring their hearts out on Saturday night. Created by Brian Posen who also directs and plays accompaniment on an upright Cupid Has a Heart On is hilarious with fast-moving song skits that reveal both sensational vocal talent and comedic wit. Based at Stage 773 in Chicago Cupid has performed all across the country including appearances in New York Los Angeles and San Francisco. It even paid a visit to our neighbors to the north in Toronto.

Damn Gina! (Image) Damn Gina! performs stylized sketch revues with an emphasis on sound and lights. No genre is sacred in this tech heavy production influenced by the television that raised them. Catch this show now because Netflix is notoriously slow to release things.

Dandy Boy (Image) All the archetypal madness you would expect from the sketch comedy group who won this year's slot at sketch fest during the epic laugh battle of 2014. Dandy Boy combines their powers of varied perception to bring you a sketch show that they've dedicated to poking fun at themselves and society...but mostly themselves.

Dead Broads Yapping (Image) Jackie Kennedy Amelia Earhart and Joan of Arc host a talk show in the afterlife that touches on the latest news and trends in today’s world. Each week features new topics new historical guests and new giveaways! Written by and featuring Marie Maloney Caroline Nash and Courtney Crary with Keenan Camp as Teddy Roosevelt.

Deanis (Image) Performance Artist Dean Evans and 14 year old whiz-kids Asher White met while performing in the circus. Since then they have created the popular show and web-series called Deanis known for their unique style of narrative-sketch comedy that incorporates elements of sketch clowning and outlandish characters all of which are connected by intricately woven thread that travels through the surreal and the macabre.

Delirious Confetti (Image) Captain Olsen and the rag tag crew of the SS Delirious Confetti have one mission left in Space. What could possibly go wrong!? SPACE MADNESS. SPACE MADNESS. SPACE MADNESS. JOHN MADDEN.

Department of Homeland Obscurity (Image) Department of Homeland Obscurity (DOHO) is an Elmhurst-based Sketch group made up of four bodies of matter: Dan Sonenberg Ryan Doyle Clark Pavlik and a really fat guy named Colin MacGregor. Prepare yourself for a new age of DOHO as they bring the funk back to the neighborhood.

Dinner for One (Image) Dinner for One are a Brooklyn-based sketch group who have spent the past three years performing all over NYC and mastering ancient family recipes. Come see them attempt to disprove Stephen Hawking, write the sixth Game of Thrones book, and hike the Oregon Trail. They will also do some sketch comedy.

Diva Alert (Image) In a world where planes go missing Twitter wars happen just as much as regular wars and some politician digs himself into a hole every other day there's always a group of comedians who don't want to write about it. That's why this show is about you.

Double Orgasm (Image) Erin Johnson and Alex Myerchin are representing (giving you) DOUBLE ORGASM. D.O. brings an unrestrained excitement onto the stage (into the bedroom) by deeply exploring relationships (each other)… all types of relationships. So much excitement is brought to the show it will definitely leave you wanting (one) more because anything beyond that and you're just being selfish!

Drew's Tumbler (Image) Drew’s Tumbler shows often begin on rollerskates celebrate the absurd mock musical theater & end in violent death. The trio performs sketch comedy in Chicago and all around the country. TimeOut Chicago said of them "In the tradition of highly physical comedians who excel at lowbrow concepts these funny ladies are on a roll.

Dukes of Comedy (Image) The Dukes of Comedy is a teen sketch group consisting of York High School students who hail from the suburb of Elmhurst. Being the funniest people in their school is hard and boy do they know it. These youngsters will be sure to impress you with their wide variety of sketches and their enthusiasm for the art of sketch comedy.

EVIL (Image) EVIL walks the line between refreshingly honest and absurdly impossible. Alternating between tightly scripted wordplay social satire and silly nonsense EVIL keeps the audience guessing as they weave a group of sketches into a thematically coherent romp through the common mental ground between Sam and Amy. EVIL is a banana daquiri made with absinthe; refreshing delicious dangerous intoxicating and full of potassium.

Exquisite Corpse (Image) An original sketch show for your very eyes and ears and hearts. Derived from improv; sculpted by the minds of comedy nerds; performed by the innocent children of Chicago comedy. You must watch.

Feminine Gentlemen (Image) Two veteran comics Jill Valentine and Liz McArthur. Two many wigs. Two surly men on a quest for comedy splendor.

Fire Paywell Turtle Top Company (Image) Six weird ass writers and a gaggle of lively actors make up "The fire paywell turtle top company" the messiest Scribble Bibble group out there. Directed by Brian Posen this sketch group focuses on balancing absurdity with emotion all while destroying every 773 stage they touch. Come witness their next magical creation.

Freedom of Peach (Image) We're sick and tired of having our inalienable rights violated - America: land of the free home of the silly. This sketch revue fights for the right to speak your mind no matter how absurd the results may be.

FUCT (Image) FUCT has performed sketch comedy since 2002. Using music dance games stunts magic and audience participation FUCT weaves together an experience that you will never forget. Expect to laugh scream and be shocked but most of all expect the unexpected.

GayCo (Image) GayCo Productions turning 18 years old this year in combination with our Marriage victory in Illinois last June has earned us this year's show title "Bearly Legal ". Now that it's finally legal for us to vote have sex buy cigarettes and get married the possibilities are unlimited. This brand new sketch comedy revue tests these untouched waters by exploring the wonders of lesbian puberty the new Manhole in Boystown and embracing the ever present Peter Pan syndrome.

Gentlemen Party (Image) The world is overrun by nasty crass and frumpily-dressed comedians but in their sketch show Gentlemen Party proves they are a cut above the rabble. Lauded as "enchanting" "hilarious" and "younger versions of Cary Grant" by their grandmothers these gentlemen are sure to charm you with a healthy blend of sophisticated comedy and balls-to-the-wall psychedelic fever dreams.

Golden Baby (Image) The members of Golden Baby performed at Chicago Sketchfest in 2006 and never stopped. From pimply teenage comedians to pimply adult comedians Golden Baby is back to Sketchfest with their character-driven sketch comedy show Golden Baby: Good Point! Almost a decade in the making this group of best friends/comedy partners will bring you into their loving and dysfunctional familial friendship challenging you to use your head as well as their heart.

HEY LADIES (Image) Bold and driven ‘cuz we’re Southern women HEY LADIES have a riproarin' cream filled and deep fried musical sketch hootenany made up of founders Brittny Congleton & Molly Todd and featuring the incredible Kate Kershaw Ali Delianides Kristin Hopkins & Kerry Santoro. This all female troupe is inspired by the trashy touching and true experiences of the Southern gals of HEY LADIES. From the big haired and God fearing to the grace and charm of the southern belle we'll take you county to county meeting pageant girls trailer trash Bible thumpers and every coupon queen in between!

Hi Betty! (Image) A group of really funny ladies who capture the insanity of the female mind! Letting it all hang out (over their belts) and telling it how it really is showing that there is more of them to love than just their witty senses of humor. Making the everyday trials in life hilarious!!!

Honorary Degree (Image) Kyle Coughlin Kevin Horst and Stacey Norgren have been writing and performing sketch comedy shows together since 2005 including appearances at New York Sketchfest DC Comedy Fest San Francisco Sketchfest and a whole bunch of Chicago Sketchfests. Newcomer Charles Pettitt had a strong performance last year but is his thing too similar to what Kyle does? We'll see!

Hot Thespian Action (Image) Migrating south for the winter this award-winning sketch comedy troupe from Winnipeg Canada (“The Chicago of the North”) brings a rustic flare to their comedy. Using no props sets or costumes Hot Thespian Action engages their audiences by pulling from a diverse toolbox of mime music stage combat and dance on top of a razor sharp wit and a discerning eye for the world’s idiosyncrasies. Hot Thespian Action promises a sharp action-packed fast-paced show leaving their audiences with more laughs than Canada has bevers!

Indoor Kids (Image) Indoor Kids is the palest sketch comedy duo in town. These 4 eyed mouth breathers are here to entertain you with their wit and insight, mostly because their friends stopped paying attention. Andy has been a nurse on television TWICE for Chicago Fire and Empire, and while Landree has no nursing credits Chris Jones dubbed her face a Hot New Theatre one in the Tribune this past summer. And they both have black belts. Seriously.

It's Not Us It's You (Image) This is a sketchfest show that won’t get political or preachy just emotional. Join the unbalanced cast for a journey through work life and relationships in Chicago.

It's Still Life (Image) Objects aren’t very complex. They don’t breathe. They don’t move. They don’t feel. Until we come into contact with them. Then they take on a life of their own in a new composition. “It’s Still Life” is a bold exploration of people and their things from precious possessions to discarded baubles and how we live our lives with them around them in spite and because of them.

Jake Dewar Comedian-Tragedian (Image) Jake Dewar is an actor comedian musician and filmmaker. On the stage Jake channels the spirit of a little boy who creates worlds in his bedroom and never leaves home...within the body of a 6'1'' young adult. His smart-but-silly characters are as wide-ranging as the musical styles he pays homage to with his dexterous guitar chops and versatile vocals creating a theatrical style of humor that balances playful fun with thoughtful satire.

Julie Marchiano presents NUGGETS (Image) NUGGETS is a tiny solo sketch revue from a fun-sized woman Julie Marchiano (The Second City Touring Company). Exploring themes like life love and the pursuit of a pizza this snack-size show will leave you with a belly full of laughs. www.juliemarchiano.com.

Just the Tip (Image) Just the Tip brings hilarious characters situations songs and dance based on their unique experiences and satirical point of view. This Chicago sketch group has been together six whole years making audiences and each other laugh in festivals and venues all over the country. Catch this silliness while its hot!

Kathlick (Image) Everyone has problems right? Just because you have a roof over your head and clean running water doesn't mean your problems aren't important! "Kathlick" is a sketch revue featuring vignettes that explore the lives of people facing issues across the spectrum of difficulty. This struggle bus is a funny and thought provoking ride driven by Kathleen Maus and Patrick Webb of the sketch and improv duo Kathlick.

Kelly Bolton - Lonely Flirty Weird (Image) Lonely Flirty Weird. We've all been there. Join Kelly Bolton and her collective cast of characters as they navigate through life's downs and ups and downs.

Kerpatty! (Image) Kerpatty! has been extremely lucky to be a part of the Chicago Sketchfest every year since 2008. Each year they fill a theater with a buffet of joy silliness and pickles. This year is no exception so bring your giggle pants... the stretchy ones.

Lindsay Williams (Image) You know those awkward moments and people you come across in life? Lindsay's been there and she'll try to reenact it all for you. Some true and some based on true stories the fun is figuring out which is which!

Listen Kid! (Image) One of New York's zaniest sketch comedy duos Listen Kid! has been officially selected for sketch festivals in Chicago San Francisco NYC and Montreal. Get ready to guffaw at these two human cartoons!

LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLESTEROL (Image) LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLESTEROL: Dating and Dieting in Chicago! A riotous romp through the world of sex and dining in the Second City. Feast at our buffet of love pizza sex sausage (both kinds) hook-ups designer cupcakes break-ups hangovers (both kinds) and of course -- comfort food!

MALWARE: A Virus Musical (Image) Jonald Reyes presents MALWARE:  The One-Man Virus Musical.  Fernando Villa is a computer hacker who meets the end of his fraud spree and ultimately his life when careless spending catches up with him.  A 25-minute musical Written & Performed by Jonald Reyes with Musical Direction by Katie Manning.  

Marla Depew: My Parents and Other Characters (Image) Marla Depew's parents are weird. In this one-woman show the comedic performer and out bisexual employs monologues songs and fancy footwork to explore how her dad an Evangelical Fundamentalist Christian and her mom a pathologically cheerful nurse shaped who she is today.

Martin/McMahon (Image) You ever seen Muppet Babies? You know how one second you see them playin' pretend but then the camera gets all wiggly and then you actually see what they're imagining? This two-man team of Trevor Martin ( "Oh Theodora ") and Ellen McMahon ( "Table Manners ") does that live on stage using shadow puppets and other visual artwork to take the audience inside their imaginations.

Mass St. Productions (Image) With so much to think about every day it's easy to forget where we've been--until we're struck with an odd sense of deja vu. From relationship woes a pair of Chicago cops and the turmoil of middle school "Time Flies Coach" examines the troublesome hilarious process of learning from our mistakes. "Time Flies Coach" is brought to you by Mass St. Productions.

Matt Griffo (Image) Matt Griffo is a musician & comedian who performs at festivals across the US, opening for the likes of Reggie Watts and he’s here with his band. You’ll here his hilarious songs with Moe on Trumpet, Quinn Wilson on drums, Liz Chidester on vocals and guitar and Griffo on piano.

Me and Some Other Guy (Image) Me and Some Other Guy presents: The Wacky Wonky Whispering Wasplike Variety Show Hosted by the Legendary Josephine Laflur. A 1930 Vaudeville spectacular with magic, ventriloquism, animal acts, and retrospective interviews with the cast sixty years after the show was performed. Written by Russell Rutter and Ben Kirschenbaum Starring Liam Gallogly, Stephen Hoover, Mollie Rehner, Ben Kirschenbaum, and Russell Rutter

Melcher and Hauser (Image) "The earth's population is LITERALLY in the thousands, but Melcher & Hauser will convince you that they are the only two who matter. Snappy outfits meet silly minds in this sketch comedy show about being alone in the the midst of simply everyone."

Michinoku Driver (Image) Too cool for MySpace too proud for Facebook! Michinoku Driver’s Brian Work & John Ugolini share their drama the good old fashioned way… in person! Join them as they take a humorous look at the difficult & defining moments in their lives sharing personal monologues and sketches exploring themes of love loss & disappointment through such skewed lenses as broken bank robbers lovelorn robots and lonely zombie hunters.

Minority Rules! (Image) This group performance of " Six Shades of Brown" will be a kaleidoscope of comedy infused with urban and political messages that will re-define the word hilarious.

Mom? Dad? I Have ADHD (Image) Written and Performed by Rasika Mathur As her findings inform her work in real time, "Mom? Dad? I Have A.D.H.D." is a retelling of a life that falls just short of the high hopes of her and her family. And while putting the frustrating pieces of her puzzled brain together, she learns how to look shame in the eye and finally talk (and maybe even listen) to her parents. With a little help from her wonderful audience.

MOMMY (Image) MOMMY is Chicago based comedy duo Michael Aviles and Greg Yates directed by Nate DuFort. In their two-man show each scene transforms into the next connecting characters narratives and themes throughout. Come see the show that is being described as “Funny.” - Michael’s Mom and “Yep.” - Greg’s Mom. Join us.

MRS. (Image) MRS reunites for the first time in 40 years. The past will be dredged up old grudges will be remembered fabulous-ness will ensue. Even at 60 years old these ladies will keep you laughing.

Nanniez: A Musical Sketch Revue (Image) Nanniez a musical sketch revue explores the real life stories of what its like to be a full time nanny starring Amber Linde Kerri Morrison Lindy Voeltner and Molly Todd. At first glance life as a Nanny may look like a leisurely day at the park but these ladies spend their days cleaning up unidentified bodily fluids settling arguments about who gets which Lego and dealing with Chicago traffic while having goldfish and shoes hurled at their heads from the back seat. Come laugh cry and see what they are really up against in everyday life being Nanniez.

Nashville. The Band (Image) Nashville. The Band is a Chicago-based comedic band whose message is a curious blend of fanatical patriotism bleeding-heart liberalism and a childlike yet mournful devotion to Rock -N- Roll. Chester A. Hardwick Maximillian Barfield and Billy Piccadilly with the help of their roadie Dale 'Blast em" Hammershaw have been on a mission since 2009 to spread their message of Rock and Roll America and Equality to all.

No Explanation (Image)

NUNJI (Image) NUNJI is a hip-hop dance duo that no one believed in. Follow their journey from birth to death. They may be a mediocre dance troupe BUT THEY ARE A GREAT COMEDY TEAM.

Off Off Broadzway (Image) Off Off Broadzway is Chicago's premier all lady burlesque parody troupe. Voted Best Audience Hecklers by the Chicago Reader. The Broadz are back with bigger tutus fouler mouths and larger than life characters. Come get your fill of singing dancing and anything goes humor. Free boners!!!

Off Color Comedy (Image) The Out of Tooners is an original live-action cartoon harkening back to the style of the Animaniacs and the Looney Toons. This 45 minute clowny romp comes complete with an original live score that tells the story of three sibling's immigration to America where they find out that the land of the free isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Oh Theodora (Image) Oh Theodora performs dumb comedy for smart people. A governor stuck in a hot date trap cowboy actor Sam Elliot teaching children about puberty and three beards tied in a knot are some of the things you might see at an Oh Theodora show. Or you might not they haven't figured out their set list yet.

On Hiatus (Image) Through unexpected takes on the mundane we find excitement in life. On Hiatus presents a modern twist on classic and familiar experiences through characters carving out their place in the world.

Pinque Pony (Image) 1979 - America was coked-up and checked out but what was happening in Chicago? Pinque Pony presents a 'lost' sketch comedy revue from 1979 - no bras no manscaping no excuses. Blizzards blanket the city the Iran hostage crisis rises AA Flight 91 plummets - but it's the death of disco that captures the imagination of a city in turmoil. Silly Satirical and human this sketch revue visits an era before Reagan condoms and that second shitty Star Wars movie.

Play On Kids Comedy Teams (Image) The Play On Kids Comedy Teams perform a variety of sketches including Hard Truths about Fairy Tales and Afternoon Court. "Code Red Vines" consisting of 6th-8th graders are excited to return to Sketchfest for their 5th year! This year we are also thrilled to introduce "Chickenometry" our comedy team featuring performers in 2nd-5th grade. Both teams are coached by Lisa Bany Ethan Goldman and Jason Raymer.

Pop Roulette (Image) Pop Roulette's brand of musical sketch comedy hits all the overused comedy buzzwords: "skewering" "high-energy" and "gassy." But add singing and dancing to the mix and you've got yourself a carbonated recipe for expertly choreographed satire dealing with the self-important real problems millennials face problems that have never been experienced by previous generations ever. Let's SING about them!

Pretty/Windy (Image) Local group Pretty/Windy returns for their fourth consecutive Sketchfest appearance bringing you a new revue of sketches in their signature style; Clever cunning and a little cute. If you're looking for a smart tight set that mixes sharp dark humour with the warm-and-fuzzies this is the show for you.

ProDunKtioN (Image) ProDuNKtioN is back for their 3rd year at sketchfest. When seeing this show expect this all-female sketch group to bring their best music rapping and jokes. You'll come into the show wondering who ProDuNKtioN is and leave wanting to know if they need a best friend.

Proxy Morons (Image) Proxy Morons is constructed of some of the weirdest comedians in Chicago. With 7 extremely different voices and their own DJ Proxy Morons is not creating comedy as we know it but comedy as we are about to know it.

Pure & Weary (Image) Pure & Weary present “Wing Women” a show focusing on seemingly opposite ladies tackling memorable life challenges. After multiple performances as the ditz and tramp while attending UW-Madison their sketches range from reality to parody. Join us for an evening of high energy loads of wit a dash of music and maybe even some homemade cookies.

Quit. (Image) Erin Lann is a quitter--and she wants to make you a quitter too. In this original solo performance she argues the power of jumping ship through unique characters and storytelling. Join her for an evening of abandonment.

Rabbit Rabbit (Image) To celebrate their fifth year at Sketchfest Chris and Andrew are debuting an all-new show! Critics call their comedy: "Staunchly cerebral...conceptual...smartly sentimental...unexpected and a joy to watch "- Timeout.com "Fast inventive and so very funny ... easily one of the most talked about at the Fest "- Austin Sketchfest 2014 "Insufficient as a basis to indicate acceptable collateral for the approval of a loan at this time "- Bank of America

Raccoon Home Tour (Image) We satirize the transition of adolescence to adulthood using past experiences and future hopes. We will bring the audience on a journey that is easily relatable and applicable through sketches blackouts and songs.

Ray BradGary (Image) Ray BradGary is Gary Pascal and Brad Einstein: two best friends and Chicago sketch comedy guys. Their shows are a festive cornucopia of weeping and a mausoleum of good times. This show takes place at your high school right before the big prom. Ray BradGary has appeared at iO Theatre The Public House Theatre The Paper Machete A Jangleheart Circus and the 2013 and 2014 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festivals.

Robot & Inventor (Image) Enliven your daily shower experience by transforming your regular shower into a fountain of brilliant fun with Robot & Inventor. Robot & Inventor is a Chicago-based sketch group that utilizes improv.

Robot vs. Dinosaur (Image) Robot vs. Dinosaur is going to Vegas baby! That's right RvD is pointing their pointy devices at Sin City! Insert your own "What happens at Sketchfest stays at Sketchfest" joke here and always bet on RvD!

Sad Banana (Image) If there was one word to describe us it would be "belligerent ". If there were several words "Violently funny and bloated with talent. ". Sad Banana is Josh Paloma and Mary Spray. They have never met.

Scribble Bibble - Chicago Giggle Authority (Image) The Chicago Giggle Authority is running express and taking you along for the ride. Laughing guffawing chortling and squeaking are permitted while enjoying our show. Doors open on the funny side. 

Scribble Bibble - Sheer Organza (Image) According to Wikipedia Organza is a thin plain weave sheer fabric traditionally made from silk. You might ask "what's the connection between organza and sketch comedy?" It's simple. Sheer Organza is the creation of silky threads (the writer's words) being carefully woven together by talented seamstresses (our actors) to create comedic material that is kinda flashy definitely gaudy yet a must have for wedding dresses and curtains. If you are still confused at the connection just ask our Tailor (aka director) Jay Steigmann.

Scribble Bibble - The Assortment of Fake Mustaches (Image) The Assortment of Fake Mustaches are part of the Scribble Bibble Program at Stage 773 which features a new monthly show by clever writers talented actors and Directed by Jonald Reyes.  This Sketchfest edition show focuses on news and how we get our information.  Who's saying what when and where with why why why???

Secrets & Pies (Image) Secrets & Pies has the audacity to make awkward moments even weirder. We explore everything from life's simple events to major milestones - heck sometimes we even explore the absurd. And we always make sure to call out the elephant in the room because it'd be no fun just leaving it unattended in the corner!

Shanna's Mom (Image) Shanna's Mom is known for being smart and silly. Their original sketch revues comment on the way we live our lives often flipping the script to keep audiences on their toes. They love to laugh and want to bring that same joy to you!

She Said What (Image) She Said What were the winners of the 2013 Second City Toronto Sketchfest Best of the Fest award. Their popular show is always full of characters strong writing and tight performance. These women are very talented and put on a very fun sketch show full of variety and killer jokes.

Sheer Organza (Image) An artist usually puts out at least 5 records before they get a "best of" album. Sheer Organza has knocked out 5 shows in 5 months for Stage 773's Scribble BIbble program--from an awards show and a mockumentary to straight up sketch--we bring you "The Best of Sheer Organza" for Sketchfest 2015.

Siblings of Doctors (Image)

Silence of the Mimes (Image) A group of campers settle in for a night of sing-a-longs and tasty treats when the evening takes a comically terrifying turn. Eager to tell frightful tales the campers can’t seem to distinguish between scary and ridiculous. With irresistibly handsome imaginary friends and wordsmithing axe murderers the campers put their best efforts into scaring each other to death - the question is will they succeed?

Sketch Mix (Image) Sketch Mix presents unique perspectives on the ordinary creating a world where it's okay to laugh at possible hamster rape wonder where to go to catch a unicorn sex show find the fun in funeral and decide for yourself if Jesus is kind of a dick. Scenes are linked together creating a fun path for the audience to follow. As with most classy affairs Chex Mix and Jell-O shots will be provided.

Slow Children at Play (Image) Slow Children at Play cannot offer a brief summary of their show because it is too wild too weird too outrageously funny to condensed into a few short sentences. The special Slow Kids voice that marks every sketch and gives their sketches the extra oomph cannot be put into words. Oh wait this was a brief summary of a Slow Kids show. Never mind.

Snack Boys (Image) High octane acrobatic mischief with a hint of desperation The Snack Boys are the Jeff Goldblum and Jeff Goldblum of the Chicago sketch comedy scene. We like to treat our audiences like a sick disgusting elderly dog. Grounded scene work is the bitter tasting dog medicine that we hide in the ice cream of funny voices pratfalls adult diapers fake guns and disgusting on stage food nightmares. Please give us a chance to heal you Chicago Sketchfest... you disgusting elderly dog.

Spic & Tan (Image) Spic & Tan presents a sketch show influenced by our improvisation that's rooted in Latino culture with our Dominican and Mexican backgrounds. This show is about what it's like to come from one world but live in another and the challenges of trying to balance the two.

Spoiled Seed (Image) With Spoiled Seed's help you can handle the rotten truth. From dysfunctional romances to heartbreak and loneliness we'll show you our rotten truth if you show us yours. Fueled by bits beer and a whole lotta love Spoiled Seed features Emily Batek Cassandra Belek Dylan Carey Allie Keller Phylicia McLeod Meghan Murphy Matt Sadler and Willy J. Sasso.

SQUEEZE Academy! (Image) Cops on the Loose! Cops. They're just like you. If you're horny and reckless. Join Squeeze for a night of lewd behavior indecent exposure and criminal negligence. And those are just the cops.

Stir Friday Night (Image) Stir Friday Night is a 19-year-old Asian-American comedy group. We present our newest sketch comedy revue: Turn Down Pho Wok. Our alumni include Danny Pudi from Community and Steven Yeun from The Walking Dead.

Stupid Time Machine (Image) Hailing from the dirty gulf Stupid Time Machine is a New Orleans-based comedy group known for original sketch revues and stone cold improv shows. They create funny things and travel the country showing them to strangers. The group’s members teach and perform as co-founders of The New Movement a professional comedy theater in NOLA.

Survival: A Sketch Show (Image) From late nights to early mornings the question arrises: how did we survive high school? The answer: by making sketches about it. In this show Lizzy and Kirsten explore just how exactly they made it through from Freshmen to Senior year! From insane teachers to weirdo kids to our crazy families the lists are endless…but this show isn't! It's 30 to 45 minutes long.

Sweet Tease (Image) Sweet Tease is five fearless female comedians that will keep you laughing with sketches surrounding their experiences as women in our society. The ladies of Sweet Tease are never scared to "go there" or show you their heart. Their unique brand of comedy and love for each other is seen on stage in every sketch.

Taco Tuesdays (Image) The ladies of Taco Tuesdays perform sketches that reflect their lives as young women looking for love and their place in society. It's basically Girls meets Sex and the City except we are very likable and we are in a much better city. Also we won't be naked (we asked).

TBD (Image) A smorgasbord of scenes about relationships food and the meaning of life. TBD is a sketch group that aims to explore the real and absurd in human interactions and to have a boatload of fun while doing so.

That Just Happened (Image) Using news-style jokes character sketches improvisation and just a touch of magic That Just Happened writes and performs an entirely new hour-long show based on the events of the week.

The Aces (Image) The Aces show is Nichols & May plus Lucy & Ricky plus Peaches & Herb plus gym class plus David Attenborough nature documentary. Described as "Portland's version of Arrested Development" (B. Frayn Masters Producer of Backfence PDX) The Aces promise fresh and sexy sketch comedy for the smart set! There are only two of them but both of them are very tall so it makes it seem like the stage is packed.

The Backrow (Image) In "Grifted" their 14th show at the festival the Backrow is talking about cheats thieves and liars. Check out these sketch vets as they vent about injustices both real and perceived and confirm that everyone is the worst in the best possible way.

The Beverly D'Angelo Community Players (Image) We all want things to end perfectly. Meet that right partner create a stable home never have to say goodbye. In their second revue The Beverly D’Angelo Community Players invite you to explore this desire. Nothing may be perfect now but it could be in the future.

The Book of Genesis (Image) Directed by Columbia College Faculty member Keith Horvath The Book of Genesis is an original video game sketch show written and performed by Second City Training Center and Comedy Studies alumni. Join us in fighting for the preservation of our 90's roots as we tackle the politics of the gaming industry through sketch movement and song. Gamers unite!

The Citizens of Townsville (Image) The Citizens of Townsville tackle the many issues of life ranging from survival taking second chances and trying to get Don Cheadle to be in their show (SPOILER ALERT: He's not in this show). Matching absurdist humor with well defined characters the Citizens deliver a hilarious (and sometimes meta) sketch revue that prides itself in being highly quotable. Come for The Citizens of Townsville's jokes stay for the shade they will inevitably throw.

The Class (Image) Comprised of performers with various improv training The Class highlights life lessons through sketch comedy. Fun and playful with a bit of a sarcastic tinge The Class will color the stage with clever presentations about the everyday problems individuals tackle daily. The Class will leave you feeling informed introspective and inspired to inject goodness into the world around you.

The Comic Thread (Image) TCT is back for the 5th year! BEST GROUP: LA Comedy Fest; AUDIENCE CHOICE: Chicago Fringe Fest; EMMY AWARD WINNERS (Best Cinematography) for their web short "The Engagement Party." Aptly described as "Surrealistic comedy that bends the edges of logic in any particular direction with enough grace that you truly don't know what's coming next. And you really don't care because there's a 90% chance that it'll be exceptionally funny" (Express Milwaukee). TCT prides itself on unique characters, has fun with costumes and sound effects, and regularly ventures into ridiculous territory without a hall pass. Oh... and there's a good chance you'll see some naked breasts this year.

The Cool Table (Image) TCT performed a weekly new sketch show in Chicago from 2005-2010, along with sold out sketchfest shows each of those years. The group split to conquer the coasts with members having toured the world doing comedy and appearing on hit shows for NBC, FOX, CBS, NICK,DISNEY, and TNT, and will have several animated sketches on season 2 of Comedy Central's Trip Tank. The Chicago crew has since attacked the stages of Steppenwolf, Goodman, Chicago Shakes, Inconvenience and more. They are thrilled to reunite for their 10 year anniversary and pump out two crazy nights of Sketch!

The Dancing Pig (Image) Five guys five different personalities no limits. Fueled by alcohol and a want to make people laugh The Dancing Pig is a show you should NOT invite your mother to... unless she's super hot.

The Flat Earth (Image) The Flat Earth is the oldest sketch house team of Philadelphia’s Philly Improv Theater performing together since 2012. The Flat Earth features some of Philadelphia’s most talented writers and performers showcasing material that is witty dry dark and maybe a bit too heavily costumed.

The Frank Layden All Stars: D'ambro Slatts and Sully! (Image) A trio combining absurdist style with a vintage sensibility. Through word play sight gags and satire provides an off kilter comedy experience

The Ladies of The Ladies Club (Image) The Ladies of The Ladies Club present "We're Doing It Wrong" a musical sketch review that explores life from the perspective of not always getting what you want yet always wanting more. Prepare to encounter homosexuals dinosaurs and God herself on this journey that will leaving you feeling confident in all your bad choices. A show produced by the Musical Conservatory Program at The Second City Training Center directed by Jeff Bouthiette and Musical Directed by Stephanie McCullough Vlcek.

The Laser Comedy Show (Image) The Laser Comedy Show tells a story where characters scenes objects and more are being tastefully drawn by Chris Fair using laser reactive technology on a large screen before your very eyes. All of the show’s different character voices and sounds are all done by the talented laser master himself without ever being seen. Chris Fair doesn’t just take you to see a laser show he takes you on a laser journey where the lines slowly fade away in time for a new adventure.

The Meaty Bits of Jimmy Shay (Image) Half of the comedy duo Sausage returns to Sketchfest in this deeply personal yet incredibly funny show. Jimmy spends his time butchering animals obsessing over an impending Culture Club reunion and collecting bad horror movies. Everything from growing up as a fat kid to the sudden death of his best friend Jimmy takes it all on and gets into the real meaty bits.

The Megatherium Club (Image) Inspired by the Smithsonian's notorious group of scientists-by-day partiers-by-night in the 1860's The Megatherium Club combines referential intellectualism with humble self-awareness. Club members' origins are scattered across the east coast but their passion for comedy brought them together in the bowels of Chicago's improv training centers.

The Nerdologues (Image) The Nerdologues are a comedy ensemble that believe in two things: bringing people together and making them laugh. They do that by sharing true stories from their lives. Then they weave that into ridiculous sketch comedy. Also they're Nerds.

The Paul Thomas Effort (Image) The Paul Thomas Show is the amazing characters unbelievable commercials mesmerizing music and marketing hyberbole from world champion comedian Paul Thomas.

The Perm (Image) Two ladies with big hearts and filthy minds perform songs and sketch. Ready. Set. Perm.

The Picket Line (Image) The Picket Line is a three person sketch improv and writing team featuring some fresh new faces from Chicago now living in NYC. Leenie O'Connor Lisa Mongillo and Joe Otto met and became inseperable while in the throws of The Second City's Conservatory Program. Their hopeful yet realistic perspective on life love and death will make you giggle.

The Rough Writers (Image) We the “people” of the Rough Writers sketch group in order to entertain you ruin history abuse pop culture pay homage to J.R.R. Tolkien proclaim our love for the absurd and make light of the current political climate have written and rehearsed this sketch show for the 2015 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival. L’chaim.

The Sean Miller Explosion (Image) The Sean Miller Explosion returns for its improbable TENTH (and maybe final?) straight year at Chicago Sketchfest! Watch their backstage antics as they try to put together the best Sketchfest show ever! Can they band together and defeat their rivals and make with the jokes in only 35-40 minutes? We'll see maybe? Come find out!

The Stuntmen (Image) Stuntmen shows feature physical comedy inspired by the action movie genre. It's all about high stakes comedy. We enjoy heroes villains fight scenes movement pieces broken furniture and over-the-top costumes.

the tim&micah project (Image) dear chris, do you believe in magic? no, i don't mean the song. or the card game. i'm talking about the new, all original, tim&micah project live show. they've been changing the landscape of television with their pilot, PILOT, but they're back! and on an artistic undertaking of great import to bend minds, confound expectations, and colonize the creative centers of our collective cerebellums. don't miss this show, brother! as always, steve

The Tweet Show (Image) Watch as two of Twitter's finest spin tweets into sketch comedy gold in The Tweet Show. Our premises are as long as this log line. #NailedIt

The Vicki Kunz Solo Experiment (Image) Like a cool glass of water on a warm day this show is a welcome refreshment to the solo sketch comedy universe. Vicki's style is fast paced light and utterly random. Music props and audience participation help round out the world that is created from the corners of her mind.

This Side Of Witty (Image) This side of Witty's HANDLE WITH CARE is a sketch performance that breathes life to the voices of those sifting through the pieces of their shattered world and the oft irrational attempts we make to glue them back together. Directed by Second City Faculty Member John Loos Handle With Care delights in embracing the pain of broken relationships failed dreams and the “almost had its.” There’s music movement storytelling and a lot of heart. It’s silly and you’ll love it. As an added bonus This Side of Witty's sketchfest performance will feature some past "best-of" scenes with a few samples of new material.

Three Way Kiss (Image) Leila Gorstein Kyli Walls and Maggie Scudder have combined forces to create a show that illustrates their views on life love and haircuts. This show gives a poignant perspective on little moments that people might miss in their everyday routine. We hope to make those moments come alive and help all appreciate humor in the seemingly mundane.

TRAP (Image) The Mission Theater presents TRAP, a two-act sketch comedy revue directed by improv legends TJ Jagodowski and David Pasquesi. Starring Mike Brunlieb, Peter Collins, James Dugan, Paul Grondy, Mike Jimerson, Laurel Krabacher, and Irene Marquette, TRAP explores the moments in life that are not "easy" to get out of. A show the Chicago Reader says is "designed to recall the Second City of the early 60s—that classic era," TRAP runs Thursday-Sunday 8 pm at The Mission Theater.

Two Bunnies Eating Flowers (Image) Two Bunnies Eating Flowers are three cute little kiddos with an insatiable bloodlust for friendship and fun. They’re known for their chaotic go-for-broke live shows which blend risk spectacle and cartoon logic. They’ve performed at the UCB Theatres in NY and LA and the iO Theatre Chicago.

Two Weird Ladies (Image) Take neuroses paranoia and lack of sleep and you get weird. Follow Two Weird Ladies through a labyrinth of eccentric sketch comedy spun from reality insanity awkwardness and rage.

Uncle Hank and Aunt Leslie Present: We're Adults Now (Image) That's right! Clark Pavlik and Lizzy Rudakas went all the way up to the Kenosha wilderness of Wisconsin to fetch your Uncle Hank and Aunt Leslie. And did they bring the fun? Yes they did! Uncle Hank and Aunt Leslie are here to do a ditty filled with sketch comedy and song celebrating their acceptance into adulthood. Clark and Lizzy are not held responsible for the views actions and morals during the duration of this show.

Unlikely Company (Image) 5 boys 4 girls. Unlikely Company has performed for years focusing on exposing the comedic seediness of everyday life. Always based on truth their material ranges from heartfelt to farcical.

Vienna Juvenile (Image) Vienna Juvenile presents a show about the moments that make us who we are. From three overworked corporate hacks desperate to break free to a grandfather pretending to be a ghost Vienna Juvenile will look to the past to find the direction for moving forward. "A little wacky a little absurdist a little sincere" (TheSketchReview.com) this trio will tug and tickle your heartstrings.

Wendigo (Image) Legend says the Wendigo was born & bred at NYC’s Magnet Theater where it waits in the shadows to scare with it’s smart writing and surprising heart. A team of veteran sketch performers and writers Wendigo presents their very best sketches of 2014.

White Cougar Passion (Image) White Cougar Passion explores the themes of love and relationships through sketches that range from the absurd to the heartbreakingly (and hilariously) familiar. Irreverent nerdy and at times outlandish this group of Second City Conservatory graduates highlight the comedy and humor in putting your heart on the line.