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For fun! For comedy! Four PM!

It sure doesn't feel like a Sunday (and not just because we scheduled these updates on Saturday...) what with all this funny happening simultaneously in our theaters. Here's what's up at 4;

Ed Toolis / Blessed

Snack Boys

The Citizens of Townsville

Frat Castle


Whatcha eatin' under there?

Hahahaha!!! I can't believe you said that! Hey, here are our 3pm shows!

Talking to Myself / The Sudden Stop


Department of Homeland Obscurity

The Mary Todd Lincoln Variety Hour

Play On


Hopefully that hangover is wearing off by now

As we jump into our 2pm shows! It's our last day of the 13th Annual Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival and we're kicking things off with 

Jake Dewar / The Laser Sketch Show

Off-Off Campus

Just Great: A Week in Revue

Hey, Look a Pig!


Girl, don't go away mad

Just go away. We had a blast, but please, go home. We'll see you back here tomorrow at 2 for our last day of the UNLUCKIEST Chicago Sketchfest ever!



Every rose has it's thorn

Every Sketchfest has it's last round of shows for the night. These are ours; 

The Charlies


Cake Batter

Off Off Broadzway

Stag Comedy