Are you ready!? The 14th Annual Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival runs from January 8th - 18th 2015!


Here's some important stuff you're probably looking for - 

Who's playing and when? Check out the schedule here!

How do I buy tickets? You can order online here or call 773.327.5252

And for those of you that are performing in the festival - if you're looking for your tech time, that can be found here

We're super excited to get this all started and laugh once again with all you amazing people! See you in January!!



Pour some sugar on me

These post have become harder and hard to relate hair metal lyrics to the festival but we're not going to stop now! Speaking of not stopping now (flawless segway...) here are our 10pm shows for this fine Saturday night!

She Said What

Matt & Sam - The Tweet Show




Welcome to the Jungle

We got fun and games! We got everything you want, including these 9pm shows!

Foil Arms and Hog


Garlic Jackson

Siblings of Doctors


Whoa-oh! We're halfway there!

Ooooh-oh! Livin' on a prayer! Take our hand and we'll make it we swear! 8pm shows; 

Flippin' Channels in the Estrogen Zone


Urlakis and Cusick

The Cupid Players


Big Boss Comedy


These are the shows they call Dr. Feelgood

These are the shows that make you feel all right. 7pm shows aaaaare;

Snooty Pageant

Comedy Thingy presents "Leopold!"

Robot vs. Dinosaur

Siblings of Doctors


Don't want nothin', but a good time!

How can we resist?! We don't have to! Our 6pm shows are freaking hilarious! 

Almost a Genius


Cody and Jeb

Salsation Theatre Company

Carl's Backyard