2015 festival is here! January 8 - 18 
168 groups 188 shows 8 days!!

All Sketchfest performances take place at Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont Chicago - Box Office - 773.327.5252



We're super excited to get this all started and laugh once again with all you amazing people! See you in January!!



It's not Sketchfest without Mother Nature trying to be funny too

So if you're not able to brave the weather, or are out of town, or couldn't get into that sold out show - you can watch all of our shows tonight via our partner Gigity.tv!


We're not gonna take it!

No! We ain't gonna take it! We're not gonna take it anymoooooore. 
ARE YOU READY FOR OUR 5PM SHOWS!?!?? You look ready. That's good enough for us. 

This is the LONGEST day of sketch EVER

And we're kicking things of here at 4pm in the PM with Improv Nerd 

In this show, Jimmy will interview Sketchfest founder Brian Posen about his career in comedy and creative process. Then laugh along as Jimmy performs a totally unscripted scene with Brian and then opens the floor for questions.


If you're happy and you know it -

See some shows! Shows that start at 11pm for that matter!

The Charlies

Cake Batter

Matt Griffo/Nashville. The Band


Stag Comedy


You ever notice that 95% of winter coats are black?

It's sort of sad how gray and cold the winter is and then we do our part by taking all the color out of what we wear outside. Obviously black is a popular choice because dirt and whatnot isn't as obvious on darker clothing, not to mention that black is slimming and we all need a little extra help in the winter what with the holiday weight we put on. Just take some time and thank that weirdo wearing a blue coat standing there waiting for their train. They added some color to your life and that's not to be overlooked. We like to think that our 10pm shows are a blue coat in a world of black coat conformity. 

She Said What

Matt & Sam - The Tweet Show



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