2015 festival is here! January 8 - 18 
168 groups 188 shows 8 days!!

All Sketchfest performances take place at Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont Chicago - Box Office - 773.327.5252



We're super excited to get this all started and laugh once again with all you amazing people! See you in January!!



Nothing rhymes with "orange"

Probably because it's a color and a fruit. It's got enough going on to have to worry about ryhming with something other than itself. Here's our 9pm shows, each one of them packed full of blorange! Wait a minute...

Foil Arms and Hog


Garlic Jackson

Rabbit Rabbit


Friday? Yes!

It is! It IS Friday! We're going to watch a bunch of shows and drink a bunch of dranks! Here's what we're leading off the night with for our 8 o'clock shows!

Flippin' Channels in the Estrogen Zone


Feminine Gentlemen

Gay Co

Big Boss Comedy


From the comfort of your own laptop

Can't make it out to the shows tonight? Why? Okay nevermind, it's cool. But since you can't then you can check out any of the shows tonight on Gigity.tv! Pick a theater and you'll get to see all four shows! Or pick them all and jump around like crazy. It's your call. Enjoy your night at home! (But for real you should come here - we can't hear you laughing if you're not here.)


Cause the shows in the fest are always hard

Come talkin' that trash and they'll pull your card. These are our last four shows for the night! 

Me and Some Other Guy


Honorary Degree



My Mind is Playin' Tricks on Me

Four theaters just staring at a festival. If you don't get the reference it's okay - don't worry about it - just see one of these shows at 9pm!



Verbal Straight Jacket

The Stuntmen



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