2015 festival is here! January 8 - 18 
168 groups 188 shows 8 days!!

All Sketchfest performances take place at Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont Chicago - Box Office - 773.327.5252



We're super excited to get this all started and laugh once again with all you amazing people! See you in January!!



Can't make it to a show tonight??

Then check out our partner Gigity.tv for live broadcasts of each of our theaters tonight! 


I thought you knew

That this is the first round of four shows on the first night of the second week of the thirteenth annual Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival! Numbers. 8pm shows!


Dean Is

Drew's Tumbler

The Dan Peff Show


Ermahgerd 8pm shows!

These four hilarious shows end out or first week of our 13th year! Take them in, breathe it in deep, y'all. And then rest up and be back here promptly at 8pm on Thursday when we start it all over again!

Cigarette Sandwich

Same Sex Different Gays

4 Days Late

Blood Oath



Remember how cold it was on Monday?

That really sucked. But it's much warmer now AND there's four amazing shows for you to chose from during the 7 o'clock hour so that's goooooooood.

Bleep That Bleep

The Beverly D'Angelo Community Players


Fancy Woman


This time last week you had NOTHING to do

Luckily for you Sketchfest is this weekend and we still have a bunch of shows for you to catch! Like any one of these lovely 6pm shows: 


The Interns

Wishbone Theatre Collective

Sweet Tease

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